DUBAI // The UAE has one in all the very best concentrations of cosmetic surgery within the world, so much outstripping countries like the us and Brazil.

This makes it additional necessary, amid the growing demand for plastic surgery, for patients to be diligent and hunt down authorised professionals, health specialists warn.

“It is completely essential that patients check the credentials of doctors before undergoing any quite surgery, aesthetic or otherwise,” same Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, assistant director and head of clinical governance at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

While the U.S. has one cosmetic surgeon for each fifty,000 individuals and Brazil one for each forty four,000, the UAE has one for each eighteen,000, same Dr Luiz Toledo, a Dubai cosmetic surgeon from Brazil.

The Emirates cosmetic surgery Society has a hundred and fifty members – 103 of them in Dubai – as well as visiting surgeons, that is up from sixty concerning eight years past.

With such a lot of recognised aesthetic surgeons in Dubai, Dr Al Marzouqi same it absolutely was necessary for patients to visualize a specialist WHO is authorised by the DHA, whether or not it's for one thing as minor as a botulinum toxin procedure or for a significant operation.

“Patients should avoid obtaining plastic surgeries done at non-licensed venue for the sake of cheaper costs,” she said.

“For example, non-public residences don't seem to be the correct venue for operations and little clinics don't seem to be the correct place for major plastic surgeries.

“Having same that, it's a proverbial indisputable fact that Dubai has a number of the most effective plastic surgeons within the world practising here and thus medical tourists do visit the emirate for cosmetic surgery similarly.”

The DHA received twenty four complaints that it classified below cosmetic surgery last year.

There were eleven plastic surgery complaints, eight for hair removal and 5 for dental veneers.

In 2008, the health authority received seventeen complaints concerning clinics, and proclaimed that it absolutely was watching over one,000 clinics that had recently opened within the emirate, a number of that are closed.

Illegal procedures could involve techniques or materials like fillers that don't seem to be approved to be used within the UAE.

Dr Toledo same patients, principally from Arabian Gulf nations however conjointly from Bharat, Pakistan, Russia and japanese European countries, return to Dubai for high-quality operations because the town cannot contend with alternative destinations like Asian country in terms of price.

The top 5 procedures square measure liposuction or lipoplasty, face lift, breast augmentation or raise, face raise and abdomen tuck.

“They return here not as a result of it’s low-cost, however as a result of it’s sensible,” Dr Toledo same.

The concentration of plastic surgeons within the UAE was one reason Dubai was chosen to host last month’s conference of the International Society of Aesthetic cosmetic surgery, associate organisation based within the U.S. in 1970, Dr Toledo same.

About a hundred and seventy surgeons attended the event on January twenty four and twenty five, as well as Dr parliamentarian Ersek, WHO was on his initial visit to Dubai and same he was affected with skilled standards here.

“The level of quality here is nearly as good as anyplace else within the world,” same Dr Ersek, from Texas, WHO performs cosmetic and constructive operations.

The cosmetic surgery society hopes to draw in additional surgeons to the town and to encourage visiting doctors to remain, particularly as a result of visiting plastic surgeons WHO don't seem to be for good based mostly here generally complicate follow-up procedures for patients.

“We need to stimulate surgeons to essentially place their roots here in Dubai,” Dr Toledo same.

Dr Al Marzouqi same the DHA’s regulation of the business and licensing necessities were reasons for Dubai’s cosmetic surgery name.

“Tight quality assurance measures like random and planned scrutiny of tending facilities in Dubai, and auditing performance of tending professionals, square measure a number of the measures that square measure undertaken by the restrictive department,” she said.