It just makes sense that if you choose your favorite things for your home decor, you'll love your home. If you choose things that are comfortable to all the senses, you'll have a home that's a personal haven. Read about how to create a room you'll love by surrounding yourself with things you love.

  • Get Rid of Clutter
    The best way to surround yourself with what you love is to get rid of things you don't love (and don't need). It's confusing to the eyes to have things out of place and it's very discouraging to know that you have something but can't find it.

    So spend some time sorting through your possessions and clear out things that have no place in your life now. If you keep things for sentimental reasons, put the away carefully until you have time to actually use them. If you haven't used something for several years, get rid of it, either by throwing or giving it away. It's an amazing feeling to be free of things that have no place in your life.

  • Choose a Color You Like
    The easiest and least expensive way to change the look of a room is to paint the walls. And choosing the right color is a quick way to make the space comfortable for you. If you are a quiet person and feel you need to be pepped up, choose a warm, bright color to control your mood in a positive way. If you want a room to be soothing and relaxing, choose a color that gives you the feel of a spa or 5-star hotel room. Or just select a your favorite color. Surround yourself with a color that makes you happy.

  • Find Comfortable Furniture
    There's really no reason to have uncomfortable furniture anywhere in your home. Why have a stiff, formal sofa if you use it for relaxing and watching TV? Why have a saggy bed when you spend 1/3 of your time in bed? There's no reason at all! Don't keep an old sofa or chair just because someone gave it to you. Spend your money on pieces that are comfortable for their intended use. Choose the best quality you can afford, especially in bedding, pillows, and chairs.

  • Surround Yourself With Images You Love
    There's nothing better than looking up and seeing a photo of your kids or sweetheart or mother, depending on who's particularly special to you. Frame family photos, photos of gatherings of friends, holiday celebrations, and travel highlights and hang the photos around you. They're bound to bring up happy memories and happy thoughts.

  • Use Convenient Accessories
    Have things within reach when you need them. If you sit at a desk and your toes get chilly, get an inexpensive heater to place under your desk. If it gets warm where you work, have a fan handy to cool down. If you cook with lots of utensils, have them at your fingertips when you need them. If you read in a particular chair, locate a small table, reading lamp, coaster, and a thermos with ice water or coffee within reach of your most comfortable spot. If you read in bed, same thing. And be sure your television remote control is right at hand. Have everything you'll need within easy reach.

  • Install Good Lighting
    Find ways to add drama and atmosphere to flood your space with proper lighting. If the space is poorly lit but you really want to read there, you're doomed. But with proper lighting you can do whatever you like with the greatest convenience. Think about each area of your room. Some parts need general lighting, some areas might not need any. One corner might need focused light for reading. Put it there.

  • Use Dimmer Switches on All Fixtures
    I love to be able to adjust the light in every room with dimmer switches. They're so easy to install and help to make any light fixture and space perfectly lit.

You can see how very little additions or extractions can make a room the comfortable place you long for. Surround yourself with convenience, comfort, and the things you love and your home will be your haven any time of day or night.

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