Darius Twin Light Painting today is in the top. But how it started and why it's so popular today, let's discus step by step.

So, who is Darius Twin?

His real name is Darren Pearson. He works mostly solo theses days, but although he has 2 friends who he works with. He educated in University of California at Santa Cruz – BA in film and digital media. 4 years he specialized in photography and last 3 years in Light Painting

Darius Twin Light Painting2

He saw an old article from LIFE magazine on the collaboration between Pablo Picasso and Gjon Mili and the image ‘picasso draws a centaur’. He was fascinated by the image and asked his friend how it worked; he explained long exposures to him. His standard Light Painting Photography setup are Canon 7D, tripod, canon 580ex speedlite, flashlights, colored keychain lights, electric wire, plastic gels, prism glasses. Dariusaur is his favorite Light Painting Photography image. It fit the scene well. Collaboration with Jeff Morris. There was a lot of running up broken stairs, indoor painting, outdoor painting, light illustration, and a silhouette. What a workout.

Darren lives in Los Angeles and says one of the most difficult parts of creating his light drawings is “finding a cool spot without ambient light or sketchy night-people. In Los Angeles, that’s a tall order!” He has heard the dreaded word “Photoshop” roughly 486 times when listening to people talk about his work, but is surprisingly not sick of explaining it yet. Darren pioneered the light painting technique of spinning a glass prism in front of the camera while shinning light into the lens to create rainbow prismatic circles. Check out some of Darren’s images and read his full light painting photography interview below.

Darius Twin Light Painting 1One time he took his grandmother out light painting once up in the mountains north of Tucson because she was interested in the process. It turned into a bit of an adventure after the road turned to dirt and we got a bit lost. She got to do some light paintings herself and we did collaboration. She fell asleep on the ride home but they had a great time.

Kinda. Took Todd Blaisdell out to the abandoned old LA Zoo and had a great time until the cops came as they were taking down their gear; police told them that they were trespassing, the park is closed, and that their cars had tickets on the windshields. They were let go after checking to see if we had any outstanding warrants. Thankfully, none of them did.

His work is playful, lighthearted, with a touch of mischievous curiosity. From surfing skeletons, to alien invaders, to a dancing angel, Darius Twin captures the light side of life in the midst of the dark. Using his urban excursions to find creative locations for his light paintings, he has been known to create up to 50 images in a single night. Each can take anywhere between one to five minutes to complete the exposure. Using LED lights like an artist’s pencil, Darius is able to create street art that is as ephemeral as it comes.

Darius Twin Light Painting3

Although his work is whimsical and fun to look at, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s also easy to create. It takes skill to transfer the image in his mind onto that canvas of air he mentioned, and more often than not, it also takes a lot of trial and error:

I won’t stop until I get what I’m looking for. I may do something a hundred times, because I have a vision that I kind of go into something thinking ‘ok, I’ll get this particular shot,’ and if I don’t get that particular shot, I’ll obsess over it.

We hope Darius Twin Light Painting will be more popular every day and wish him luck! And what about you? Do you like his art?

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