Whether you know the sex of your baby or not, you need to make sure the nursery is ready for the birth. You want something where your little one can sleep, be changed and play during the day. You also want somewhere light and cheerful to put a smile on everyone’s face. Here are a few decorating ideas for your baby’s nursery.

Use The Superhero Idea

Make the nursery into a room full of superheroes. This is fun for boys and girls and will instil some sense of safety and security as your little one gets older.

You can have superhero bed sheets for the cot, wallpaper borders for the room and even a lampshade with a great character on it.



Keep It Neutral And Bright

If you don’t quite want to go for a specific character, keep the room neutral and bright. Even if you know if it’s a boy or girl, neutral colours are great for babies.

They don’t set the idea that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Instead, they brighten the room, make it look bigger and more welcoming for the little eyes.

Have Glow In The Dark Stars

Babies don’t tend to like the dark. If you don’t want to have a nightlight on all the time, you could consider having glow in the dark stars around the room.

There are plenty of stick on stars around or you can use glow in the dark paint to get the effect. These will look bright and give something for your child to focus on to realise that he is not alone.



Include A Wall Mural Of A Cartoon Setting

Use one of the walls to add a wall mural. You should only do this if you’re definite that this is going to be the room for the whole of your baby’s life and you know the wall will never be covered.

This could be of anything like a cartoon setting or a fantasy world. This is often best left until your baby is a little older to have some personal input.

Stick With White Furnishings

White furnishings are bright and cheerful. They are also easy to mix with any type of decorating that you do around the home.

If you do have wooden furnishings, you can always paint them white. Brighter colours like this are best for helping your baby wake up on a morning and settle into a pattern.



Use Soft Yellows For The Walls

If you do decide yellow is a good idea—after all, it is bright and cheerful—opt for the softer shades.

Brighter colours can be too much and lead to temper tantrums and sleepless nights.

While a popular colour, cooler green colours are often the best idea when you don’t know the sex of the little one.


Use Disney Characters

Opt for Disney characters around the room. You could have different prince and princesses or using more neutral characters, like those from Finding Nemo and Toy Story.

Do something that you enjoy and think will be a good influence for your little one as he grows up.

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