Sensual model of the world-famous underwear brand Victoria's Secret on their own experience has proved that beauty can become slim in a few days. One the eve of an important show for two weeks she was sitting on a protein shake and clean water! Nutritionists her revelations did not appreciate - so losing weight is dangerous to health! The main rule is gentle and healthy weight loss - Natural. Your diet should be bioyoghurts, sweet smoothies, vegetables from farms, cereals, lean fish, low-calorie cheese from goat's milk and honey.

Celebrity appreciated dishes recommended by nutritionists, and made his diet - delicious and slimming. The menu Adriana - vegetable stew (optimally - with beans), crab pudding and delicious barbecue, seafood broth. And for dessert, the model prefers chocolate coconut mousse.

Adriana practicing split meals - eat small portions, reducing the amount of food by the end of the day, leaving a half-empty stomach at night. If the effort is not enough, and the figure of celebrities still requires adjustments, a few days before the show goes on Hadrian's special menu:

Breakfast: vegetable puree and raisins, two egg whites, a cup of yogurt without sugar and invigorating serving freshly brewed coffee.

Snack: kiwi or a spoon of honey.

Lunch: vegetables, steamed fish or lean meat, mineral water without gas.

Snack: a slice of dark chocolate.

Dinner: salad of green vegetables or fruit sour varieties. Mineral water without gas.

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