Slender, blooming, elegant and charming American film actress Cameron Diaz looks much younger than his years, having a thin waist, toned figure and the lack of extra pounds. How she does it, given the timetable Diaz? Cameron weighs about 55 kg with an increase of more than 170 cm.

Cameron Diaz Schedule for the day

Actress starts your day with breakfast, considering it one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. In the morning, she usually eats protein foods to the whole day to recharge your batteries, as well as prevent the development of cellulite. This can be a sandwich with white meat (chicken without skin), boiled or fried easily without oil, and vegetable salad with greens.

30 minutes before lunch popular actress likes to drink a glass of juice or eat fresh vegetables. And at lunch she often eats seafood with vegetables. As a rule, all boiled. Dining Diaz loves steamed vegetables or fried mushrooms.

Despite a healthy diet, Cameron is not averse to indulge junk food. However, such food she eats no more pairs once a month. Completely from your diet it exclude alcohol, coffee, sodas and sweet.

As for exercise, then Cameron Diaz prefers surfing, running, golf, stretching on yoga and cardio workouts. Constant exercise and low-fat diet, however, did not lead to anorexia actress. She always manages to save the rule.

Tip from Cameron Diaz: If you want to lose weight, do not pay more attention to what you have in your plate, and on the number of meals. In addition, the food always need to chew to it faster and better absorbed by the body. It is also useful to chew sugarless gum to dull sometimes eat sweet desire.

- First breakfast - a few pieces of almonds, a cocktail of low-fat milk and yogurt.
- Second breakfast - boiled chicken and vegetable salad or a cup of green tea and a variety of fruits
- Snack - Vegetable fresh juice.
- Lunch - salad, seasoned with olive oil, and grilled chicken.
- Snack - yogurt, fruits and dried fruits.
- Dinner - boiled eggs, boiled spinach, vegetable salad, a bit of dark chocolate.

To look like actress Cameron Diaz in their 40 years, the following is necessary - to constantly change types of active sessions and the food in the diet. Over time, even a perfectly suitable diet and exercise, your body gets used. This means that the metabolism slows down. Actress, to prevent this, arranges some days of rest and proper nutrition usual sports. For example, instead of a loved surfing she does Pilates, but instead goes to the vegetables and grain legumes

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