Slimming recognized beauties - not always the result of plastic surgeons. Victoria Beckham owes its beauty standard restrictive standards. What diet adheres to this star? Find out right now!
Rarely smiling teen star has a shape and a perfect harmony. And this despite the fact that on account of four celebrities pregnancy! The secret slimming famous fashion designer in the alternation of the three diets with a fancy name.

First week: ration of Robinson Crusoe

As we remember from the novel by Defoe, Robinson had no choice. He had to have what he will produce on a desert island. It seems that the writer mentioned about changing the weight of his character and it looks like Victoria took his word for it. Judge for yourself: for a week you can only eat raw fish, fresh berries and about two liters of water and green tea. Is it possible to get enough?

Second stage: 3 days pleasures

Certainly, after the exotic diet of the last seven days, it is difficult to indulge in sweet foods. She and heal emotional wounds and add mood. Exactly three days Victoria prepares for breakfast a couple of toasts and unsweetened green tea, lunch tastes sweet treat - a fruit salad. For lunch beauties steamed vegetables without any sauces and boiled chicken breast. And for dinner - a light green salad in tandem with a handful of shrimp and a slice of fragrant parmesan. That's really really delicious menu!

Third stage: soar like a bird!

The final part of the diet is held under the motto "everything is possible", but with a little amendment. About Carvery best forgotten. Welcome dishes, steamed. They will add strength and energy will abound. According to nutritionists, optimally - supplementing the diet of an increased fiber content - raw vegetables and fruits. By the way, fiber - an effective assistant in losing weight.

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