DIY Body Massage: A Recessionista’s Guide to Relaxation

Okay, okay. We know. A massage you give yourself comes nowhere close to competing with a spa-day (complete with cozy robes, heated oil and relaxing music). Then again, we’re in a recession and we’ll take our rub-downs (almost) anyway we can get them (no creepy massage parlors suggested here). Read on to get the muscle-easing benefits of a massage, on a budget.

What you’ll need:
A long tube sock
One can of tennis balls
A rubber band (or a hair elastic will work)
A scented candle (we’re partial to Jo Malone, but any brand will do!)
Some relaxing music

Light the candle and turn on your tunes. Put the three tennis balls in the sock and tie the end off with the rubber band.

Begin by laying on a soft surface, like your bed, and rolling your entire body over the sock. Begin face-down with the sock under your ankles and move up your body before turning over on to your back. Breathing deeply and slowly, start to relax while you tune in to your body. Note the areas of tension and soreness and give those areas some additional attention. Increase pressure by putting more of your body weight on the balls. Conversely, decrease pressure by putting more of your body weight on the bed.

If you’re in need of more “muscle,” you can move to a harder surface, like the floor. For added knot-busting on your back, hold the top of the sock over your shoulder with one hand while you grab the other end of the sock with your other hand, around your back. Lean against a wall and roll the tennis balls over your neck, shoulders and upper back.

Finish by rolling your nerve-packed feet over the sock. After all, they do carry you around all day and thus deserve a little extra TLC.

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