Unfortunately, we can not always put the home a Christmas tree - the main ornament beloved holiday. This happens for various reasons. One of them - a small room. Dressed Christmas tree, even very small, oddly enough, takes a lot of space. And what is the New Year without a major attribute of this holiday? It should not be.

It was then come to the aid designers and artists who figured out how to fix this disaster by developing a variety of options of designer Christmas trees, which almost no space in the apartment, it is absolutely safe for the kids and are not subject to scrutiny and attacks on their integrity on the part of pets.

At the same time, to make such a beauty, you will need a minimum of means. The main thing - the desire to create a Christmas mood in your house, and a little imagination. And now excuse that the apartment is no room for a Christmas tree, just will not work.

Wall Christmas trees with their hands

Настенная новогодняя елка своими рукамиOne of the original version - make desktop Christmas tree in any manner and in any material.
You can simply draw the outline of a Christmas tree in the window or on a large sheet of paper, and then it decorated with painted or real Christmas toys or, for example, strips of shredded corrugated paper, adhesive tape to fix on the wall or cabinet door.

Нарисованная елка

The main rule when creating a Christmas tree design with their own hands - in the form it should resemble a cone or pyramid. Everything else - your imagination and your skills.

It is possible, for example, from a sheet of cardboard cut silhouette tree as an elongated triangle, which is then wrapped decorative material (any cloth, burlap, paper green) and sticking.

Новогодняя елка из дерева своими руками

Prepared foundation, depending on use decorative material to decorate. This can be done in different ways. For example, a tree with a basis of burlap better to decorate with natural materials: leaves, berries, dried slices of apples, fir branches, thread from palm fiber.

Green Christmas tree can be decorated with miniature artificial fruit, ribbons, pine needles, lace, silk tassels. To decorate this Christmas trees can also be used dry lichen, moss, wool threads, Christmas balls small size.

Елка из дерева своими руками

On New Year's decided to make a wish. And the "expanded" their dreams on the shelves, or rather, hang them on the branches of Christmas tree will help the creative desires of the herringbone decorative braid.

Directly on the wall lay out a beautiful green ribbon Christmas tree and our fix. And on its twigs hang and fasten bags with gifts. Or do the contours of a Christmas tree made of wire, attached to the wall and decorate her Christmas balls of different colors and different sizes.

Настенная елка

Christmas tree made of fabric - an excellent option wall panels of the New Year. It can make a soft felt or fleece and decorate with colorful toys from the same material.

Tree of Wooden pallet transport - a very original idea. But require in the performance of certain skills and special skills: a jigsaw to cut out a triangle right size, painted in different shades of green, attached to the wall and decorate toys, garland and mini gifts.

Деревянная елка своими руками

What do the Christmas tree?

Tree can easily build your own hands from a variety of scrap materials.

Елка из обоев своими руками

An inexhaustible source of ideas for creativity - the remnants of wallpaper after repair.

In order to make herringbone wallpaper residues need to secure paperboard cut strips of wallpaper dense color desired length which depends on the tier on which they will be fixed (i.e., the higher the shorter).

Tapes should be folded in polubantiki without bending. The ends of the glue and attached to the base. A star on the top can be made of velvet with flock wallpaper base.

Елка своими руками из бумаги

Scenic Tree obtained from pieces of colorful magazine pages. You can use unnecessary logs, any heavy paper or cardboard, glue, preferably shaped punch (to cut the same shape of flowers or circles).

If there is no hole punch, you can simply cut with scissors circles of the same size. And then on the cone of thick paper glue, starting from the bottom, a little recycled paper pencil circles. Top of the Christmas tree to decorate a small cone made of cardboard.

Новогодняя елка из бумаги своими руками

Another idea is to make a beautiful Christmas tree - used for its manufacture molds for baking foil in different colors. On the cone, from the lower part, are strung molds (with pre-cut holes in the bottom of a) partially overlapping each other to the top.

Елка своими руками из форм для выпечки

Herringbone souvenir own hands

In addition to this large tree, the main characters face the New Year holiday, you can make your own hands unusual herringbone author souvenir.

Елка из перьев и лент своими руками

Sometimes it is simply amazing - from which only they do not.

Елка из кофе своими руками

You can use anything you want: twigs, sticks, birch and willow twigs, paper, cardboard, thread and buttons, cones, shells, pasta, coffee, candy, ostrich feathers, fabric, linen cord, beads, wire, bamboo, rhinestones, multicolored wool glomeruli and ribbons.

Елка из ниток и пуговиц своими руками

It is not difficult to make a Christmas tree out of wrapping paper or fabric and attach it to the cone.

Вязаная елка своими руками

Cute Christmas trees souvenirs are obtained from the remnants of fabric, pieces of felt, from colored paper, beads, piled wool knitted from yarn remnants.

Елка своими руками из фетра

Delicious and fragrant Christmas trees made of candy and sweets, strawberries, broccoli inflorescences, pasta, from coffee.

Елки из брокколи и конфет своими руками

Christmas composition in the interior

A great way to decorate your home and create a Christmas mood - different composition of fir branches, Christmas decorations and toys.

The simplest version of the presence simulation Christmas tree in the room: on the wire frame, which is installed in any vase, but preferably with a narrow neck (you can fix it in a piece of foam, decorated with fabric or feathers), attach the branches of pine or fir. They can decorate with artificial snow, balls and bows.

Here the main thing - do not overdo it. Designers do not recommend the use of many different decorations at the same time, especially if they are too bright and colorful. Better to confine toys no more than two colors.

Of the popular New Year's coloristic combinations: red with silver, white and gold, for this year Blue-green wooden Goats most suitable refined white and blue color scheme.

Whatever you choose, make the idea of the Christmas tree with his hands and decorate it a festive interior - wonderful. And now is the time to begin its implementation.

And before the New Year to make it very simple. After all, almost any object in the form of a cone, a triangle or pyramid reminds us of a Christmas tree. It remains only to show a little imagination, courage and create with their own hands the original Christmas trees.

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