As you may remember from one of my recent DIY’s, copper has gotten a hold of my heart. And thishanging copper planter is so cute and so easy, I guarantee your friends will be asking about it left right and centre. It instantly spruces up a room, but also makes for a fantastic housewarming gift!

Leather scrap strips (sold by the bag – found mine at Hobby Lobby)
Leather Tool (if you don’t have one use a sharp tool as pictured/and or scissors to puncture holes)
Copper Spray Paint
Succulent Pots
Tin Buckets (Found in the dollar section of Target!)


step-1Spray paint your tin bucket vases in copper. Let dry.

step-2Use succulent pots that measure the same in diameter as your tins (found mine at Home Depot), and place inside.

step-3Measure out the length of your leather strips and cut accordingly.

step-4Use your leather tool to puncture two corresponding holes on each end for rivets to go through.

step-5Insert rivets.

step-6Loop through the side handle of your tins and snap rivets together on both sides.

step-7Hang and enjoy!

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