We’re no stranger to a good DIY flower wall around these parts. And with Valentine’s festivities mere days away, there’s no better time to put on your crafty pants and plan a little shindig for you and the girls. The ladies of Lovelyfest are showing us how it’s done (plus, breaking down that amazing DIY flower wall) and you can find even more of Cameron Ingalls’ captures in the full galleryver here!

Tissue Paper in various colors
Floral Moss
Hot Glue
Scotch Tape

instructionsstep-1 Unfold your standard tissue paper so all the sheets are together and it’s flat. Using a pencil, hand trace organic petal shapes in large (13″), medium (8″) and small (5″) on the tissue paper. You can be creative with these shapes, just make sure they are somewhat long and have a wide top and narrow bottom.

step-2 Cut out the shapes and keep the sheets together as you cut them out. Once you’re done cutting out all the sizes make piles of the small, medium and large petals.

step-3 Starting with the small petals, take one at a time and scrunch the small end together, take four to five more petals and do the same. Then tape all the small petals together along the scrunched end.

step-4 Now starting with the medium-sized petals, take one at a time and scrunch the smaller end (just like step 3) and tape each one at the scrunched end to the base of the small petal cluster. Continue around the cluster, overlapping as you go.

step-5Repeat step 3 but now with the large-sized petals. After you have all the petals on it should start looking more like a flower. Take a ripped off piece of yellow, mint or green tissue and roll it in a ball then undo it. Make a space in the center of the flower and using your hot glue gun, glue the wrinkled piece of tissue within the other pieces of tissue, leaving a good amount of space to glue the moss inside.

step-6Take a handful of moss and glue it inside the center of the flower. Now just scrunch the ends of the tissue to make it look more like a flower. And voila! You have an awesome, DIY giant flower! We like to hang them on the wall or use them as a table runne