There comes a time in every office when a major décor update is in store. Here at the headquarters, that time came for us this summer. Our jobs involve tasks that all fit under the umbrella of creativity—writing, blogging, designing, DIYing, you name it! So, we figured, we needed a creative and inspirational space in order to do this creative work. We scoured Pinterest and some of our favorite blogs for office décor ideas and we were pretty pleased with what we came up with.

Here’s what you will need:

  • contact paper (we chose gold)
  • circle cutter
  • bulletin boards (optional)


1. Roll out your contact paper and set your circle cutter to cut circles at a 10-inch diameter. Start cutting.

Office Makeover: Our Décor Updates

2. Once you have cut out your circles, take post-it notes or pieces of tape and mark where you want your circles to go. We spaced ours out pretty evenly, but you can make yours random or even create a pattern.

Office Makeover: Our Décor Updates

3. Then, peel the paper backing off your circles and stick them onto the wall where your post-its are. Don’t smooth them out until they are all in their place—you might want to make some last minute changes.

Office Makeover: Our Décor Updates

4.    If you like they way your circles look, start smoothing them out.

Office Makeover: Our Décor Updates

5.    And voila! You have a gold polka dotted wall. For our last step, we decided to hang bulletin boards up on our wall to pin ideas and inspirations for upcoming blog posts. To do this, hang a string across the wall with a level to make marks for where you want the boards to go.

Office Makeover: Our Décor Updates

6.     Then just hang them up with a hammer and nail. Easy as that!

Office Makeover: Our Décor Updates

. Look out for more décor changes to come. After all, a true work of art is never finished!

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