We all love the look of pretty, fancy chargers. But, who’s ready to spend an entire paycheck on tableware? Our girl Jess has crafted a brilliant solution that both your tablescape and wallet will love! And if you haven’t already seen her incredible inspiration, her DIY Magnolia Napkins and her DIY Conversation Starters, they are all must-have pitstops to making this a Thanksgiving to remember. Okay, so without further adieu, a project that will have your guests heads a-spinning…


Martha Stewart MultiSurface Satin Paint in Putty and Lake Fog
Martha Stewart Linen Dragger Brush
Large white ceramic plates
Paper towels

Step 1: Clean your plates and make sure there aren’t any stickers.
Step 2: In a plastic cup, mix your ceramic paint with a small amount of water- just enough to make it spread a little easier, not so much that it becomes runny.
Step 3: Put some paint on the plate and drag it out in vertical lines until you’ve covered most of the plate.  Use a full sheet of paper towel to blot the layer.
Step 4: Let dry for 1 hour.
Step 5: Put the second color of paint on the plate and use the linen dragger to drag it horizontally across the plate.  Use a full sheet of paper towel to blot that layer, and let dry for 1 hour.
Step 6: Place your plates on a baking sheet.  Put in the oven and turn the oven on to 350 degrees, and bake for about 30 minutes.  Turn off the oven and let the plates cool inside the oven.  Your paint is set, and the plates should be dishwasher safe!
Step 7: Enjoy! These chargers are not food safe, so these plates should be used for decoration only.

Up next, we’ve got what you’ve been waiting for. Sit tight and we’ll be back in a bit with the whole shebang! In the meantime, you can get started on our lovely DIY projects (magnolia napkins and sewn linen conversation starters, in case you missed it) and review our holiday inspiration.

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