Now that you’ve seen our inspiration for a simple Thanksgiving party, we’re going to break down three beautiful (and super easy!)  projects to make your day that much more lovely. Oh and if you’re panicking about how all of this gorgeousness really shakes itself out, we’ll be debuting a complete Guide to Thanksgiving later in the week. First up though, the DIYs that will wow your guests and win you the Hostess of the Year award. Let’s start from the top, shall we? First up, easy iron-on magnolia napkins. We have the wonderfully talented Heidi of White Loft Studio to thank for the stunning images.


Linen Napkins (we got ours at Crate & Barrel)
Iron Transfer Paper
Inkjet printer
Printable Magnolia Image
Hard, flat surface (not an ironing board!)

Step 1: Iron your napkins and fold them in quarters.  Place a pillowcase on hard surface.

Step 2: Download the Magnolia PDF and print out on your iron transfer paper (following the instructions included with the paper).  The image is already reversed, so you don’t need to worry about reversing it.

Step 3: Cut out the magnolia flowers (there will be two to a page), leaving a tight border.

Step 4: Place your flower image upside down on the napkin, and put them on your pillowcase.  Iron the image (dry heat only- no H20!) for about a minute.  You can check the edges of the image by peeling up a corner… if there is color coming off on the paper, then it’s not done yet.  Just place it back down and continue ironing until the paper backing peels off cleanly.  Repeat for as many napkins as you would like.

Stay tuned later today for two more super simple DIYs and the grand finale! In the meantime, feel free to go back to our simple, organic inspiration to get your brain going…

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