Wedding bouquets will build your big day everlasting. These bouquets will be unbroken for years to come back as a reminder of the love you share. And since this can be your special wedding bouquet, heirloom and family items will be incorporated into the finished product as a reminder of these WHO square measure there to support you each step of the method.

Tools and Materials
To make a wedding bouquet, you may need: thirty to sixty brooches (or jewellery pieces- attachable earrings, pendants, strands of pearls), silk blooms of your alternative (hydrangeas work best), floral wire (22 gauge or larger), floral tape, wire cutters, scissors, hot-glue gun, finishing ribbon (satin, burlap, linen, silk), gold /silver paint and atiny low brush.

Remove Leaves and Cut Stems
Pull all of the leaves off of the stems of the silk blooms. wherever the leaves were, bring to an end the plastic nubs that return off of the stem. Once all the foliage is gone, cut the flowers to form the handle of the bouquet; leave a minimum of vi to eight inches from the bottom of the flowers to wherever you narrow.

Arrange The Flowers
When all the stems square measure cut, begin composing the flowers into a good bouquet. a traditional bouquet size is typically eight to nine inches across and might incorporate varied styles of flowers. Silk hydrangeas square measure best to use as a result of they create a solid crown for the brooches to take a seat on. once the arrangement is about, wrap the stems with floral tape ranging from the highest, nearest to the flowers. Wrap downward, overlapping the tape when you wrap round the stem till you create it to all-time low.

Lay Out Brooch assortment
Choosing your brooches is that the better part of the project. Incorporate family heirlooms, themed items or specific colours. to form your bouquet filled with recollections, raise members of the family or friends to every give a bit which will be enclosed within the finished product.

lay out
Wrap Brooches
Cut the floral wire into lengths that square measure 2-1/2 times the length of your bouquet stem. Fold every wire in 0.5 for a point of reference. For brooches and pins, use the clasps at the ends (where the pin is attached) to wrap your wire round the nubs. Cross the wire within the middle and twist wire tightly along to form one solid stem. For clip-ons, open the clip and wrap the plicate wire round the base of the clip some times. Then cross the wire within the middle of wherever the clip sits, and so shut the clip. Twist wire along to form a solid stem.


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