Calling all brides! This is Roxie with a wedding hair tutorial you will love. Updos are very favorable for brides, but the loose, more natural updo is simply not used enough. This beautiful bridal hairstyle combines brilliant facial framing in the front and loose, pinned tresses at the back to create a stunning yet delicate style that the bride-to-be can easily do herself!

Top off your wedding day attire with this topsy tail-inspired updo. All you need are four small, clear elastics, one to two bobby pins and your favorite finishing spray.

1. This first look starts with a ponytail at the back of the head, leaving out some hair from the sides and back.

2. Reach through the top of the base of the ponytail, grab the ends and pull it through to create the topsy tail.

3. Make two smaller ponytails below and to the side of the first, including the hair from the first ponytail, but still leaving a bit out at the nape.

4. Topsy tail them!

5. Then make a ponytail with the remainder of the hair at the nape, and topsy tail it.

6. Tuck the ends of the final ponytail under and gently pin them into place.

7. Loosen up the look by gently pulling it apart a bit. Secure with hairspray and add a flower or jewel to garnish if you wish.

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