When creative minds like Loveridge Photography, Carissa Cady Photography and Hello Friday Events come together, magic happens. Plain and simple. The kind of magic that will leave us pinning the day away, because each detail couldn’t be more perfect. Add the work of Gordon’s Floral Design Studio, Rosey Calligraphy, Cake or Pi and the gorgeous setting of Churchill and Claiborne Winery - and ladies and gents, we have a winner on our hands. See it all here. Oh! And don’t miss the fabulous DIY they sent our way below all the pretty!

Everyone loved the curly chair covers, so Hello Friday Events decided to include a DIY for this simple element.

1.25 yards of a variety of fabrics (Stiff fabric such as organza work best, but nearly any fabric will work. A combination of fabrics creates a nice, textured look.). Each will create 9 strands.
3 yards x 16” of fabric for each chair for base (length and width can vary depending on chair)
Light colored pen or pencil
Bull Clip


Trace circle on fabric and cut out circle.


Cut spiral toward center, cutting the small circle off at the end (leaving a pointed tip).


Take starting end and double-knot onto bull clip.


Keep adding strips to both sides of clip, pushing down to base of clip and alternating colors. It will get messy and full by the end. The number of strands depends on the fabric and fullness desired. Our chairs had about a dozen strands each.


Wrap longer piece of base fabric around the top of the chair and knot in the back, letting the remaining fabric hang down.


Taking clip, reach behind the knot from the top and clip underneath (bottom of the knot).


Fluff and you’re done!

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