In 2013, a lot of new trends forayed into the fashion arena. Some of them remain powerful this year too. Let us find out which ones remain this summer 2014 fashion statements too!

Fabrics And Sequins

Organic fabrics and shimmering sequins were some of them that carried off dresses with elegance and elan and quite dominated the fashion scene.

Color purple is also black and along with there are accessories and shoes to carry of the purple color this summer with style and ease.


Party Wear

Parties are in and sequins are a big trend for the party things. They look not only good for chic dresses and short dresses too, but they can also be used like separate accessories. The colors that are in are white, black and gold.

White is a favorite in summer for almost all of us. Muted shades of Tangerine, aqua shades and a Victorian rose will make it big this year. Long Maxis were in last year and they are here to stay.

Perhaps a belt or a girdle as an accessory is the new inclusion.

Belts, Bags…

The Obi belts are what the designers have been using since last year. They are in this year too and can be paired off with a dress, T shirt or a Kurta. Then there are outfits that are eco-friendly and there would be more of organic fabrics this year.

Bright colors like the previous year will be in this year too. A bright colored jute bag can be paired with a black dress for a casual outing. Wear plain color outfits and pair them off with neon colored clutches for party wear.




For the last two years women are not much into high heels. This summer it is also flats. Stylized, funky flats and the trend are sure to continue.


Bold and prominent neckpieces make a style statement and they are not to go out of vogue.

They are in this year too. Wear them in style with something plain so that they stand out and make your fashion statement complete.


The Zipper!

This year fashion accessories are all about flaunting the zipper stylishly. It is not too loud but it is something about flashing the metal. Women, any age can show off their zippers. The high street brands are ready with a full collection.

We have seen this showcased on international runways too. The call of this summer season is retro fashion and there is no doubt to the fact that this has resurfaced.

oversized-sunglasses-shadesYour Style Statement

While you show off the style statements you obviously keep your sensibilities about fashion intact.

Yoru clothes are center of attraction if you go in for bold prints or stripes with zippers upturned in front of the dresses. This can get you some real head-turners.

If you are the type trying to be fashionable yet trying to underplay the trend, you can choose some jackets and shrugs with zippers on the outside. You must know everything about carrying the trend well and not being a confused fashionista at the end.

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