1. The female brain is adapted to multitask. The reason for this may be the fact that the neural fibers connecting the right and left hemisphere, there are girls there are in much greater numbers.

2. The region of the brain responsible for language and social interaction, women located in both hemispheres - and not just on the left, as in men.

3. Women blink approximately two times faster than men.

4. In the women's body produces less alcohol dehydrogenase - the enzyme processing alcohol. As a result, with an equal volume of drunk alcohol intoxicated women on average 30% stronger.

5. The size of the uterus healthy non-pregnant women - about a hen's egg (7.5 cm to 5 cm). When the uterus is so resilient that, during pregnancy, the ability to increase more than 4 times, soaking the fruit up to 5 kg.

6. The muscles of the uterus - the strongest in the body of a woman, as their main purpose - to push the fetus during labor.

7. A woman's heart is 20% less than men.

8. The number of nerve endings in the female breast is independent of its size. That's why small breasts are more sensitive, and most require a longer stimulation to excite.

9. It is noted that the average of the left breast in women slightly larger than the right.

10. During the reproductive years, the modern woman going about 420 ovulations.

11. From the point of view of the anatomy of a woman's clitoris and penis men differ similar structure: the two bodies have a head, body (trunk), a fold of skin that covers the head and bridle.

12. Allocation of dopamine during orgasm helps to reduce pain during menstruation and pregnancy, as well as a positive effect on well-being in depressive states.

13. Kisses and hugs cause a reaction in hormone levels - reduce the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase levels of oxytocin (a hormone tenderness and affection).

14. Female sex hormone estrogen lowers the level of cholesterol, heavy, promotes the deposition of calcium in bone tissue, accelerates metabolism, improves oxygen exchange, has a positive effect on the health of the skin, normalizes the nervous system.

15. Estrogen is chemically identical to natural, used in the manufacture of oral contraceptives the last generation - the so-called contraception with "female" formula.

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