Japanese culture believes that there is a direct relationship between blood type and personality. This means that if you have a certain blood type, it will mean that you are more likely to have certain personality traits. While much of this is based upon scientific theory, it is quite a popular belief among people around the world.


The Theory

A Japanese professor published a paper in the journal, Psychological Research, which explained how the connection between certain blood types and personalities came to be.

Personality tests were given to specific blood type groups and assessed, allowing connections to be made through answers by the participants.


Blood Types And Astronomy

The theory of a relationship between blood types and a person’s personality is similar to astrology.

If you were born during a certain time period of the yearly cycle, you are likely to have specific personality traits. Blood types and personality connections work much in the same way.


Blood Type O

If you have blood type O, you are believed to have the personality of a leader. These people tend to be loyal and stand out as the type who can set and influence trends.

A person with blood type O is often social, energetic, ambitious, confident and passionate about what they believe in. They typically like to be the center of attention in a social situation.

Not every personality trait for blood type O people is desirable. Their confidence and need for attention can go too far if not kept in check. Sometimes a person with the O blood type can be possessive, envious and vain.


Blood Type B

People who have blood type B tend to very practical. They don’t mind marching to the beat of their own drum and will take the path less traveled if they feel it’s the right way.

Even though this type of personality is casual and laid back, don’t mistake it for someone who is lazy and without drive. Blood type B personalities have the drive to finish whatever they’ve started, even if the goal seems impossible to everyone around them.

Being so relaxed and laid back can sometimes swing to the opposite end of the spectrum if B blood type personalities aren’t careful. They can be moody and insensitive at times.


Blood Type A

If you have blood type A, you are most likely peaceful, calm and mild-mannered. You tend to be sensitive, patient and responsible. This group is typically the most creative group of all the blood types.

People with blood type A are often shy and would prefer to avoid confrontation and any consequences that might arise from it. They do have a tendency to be obstinate, stubborn and rigid.


Blood Type AB

AB is the least common of the blood types and can commonly have personalities with traits from both A and B blood types.

Seeing as those two types are contradictory in some ways, it can be tough to categorize people with this blood type.

The most common characteristics of AB blood types seem to include a willingness to forgive and the tendency to have high expectations of their own performances. They can also be caring and sensitive.


What Is Your Blood Type?

Do you know your blood type? If not, the easiest way to find out is to ask your doctor. You can also buy inexpensive blood type kits if you’d rather find out that way.

While there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence to support the theory of corresponding personality traits and blood types, it is a fascinating possibility to consider.

It can also be fun to share this information with your friends and see what traits and blood types match up!