Characteristics (horoscope) of people born in the Year of the Ox: men, women, children

Years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021
In ancient times, the bull attributed a special bond with the sky. Even at the cave paintings of the Paleolithic portrayed huge wild bulls - bison and tours.

Primitive bull symbolized vitality and masculine power. A significant role in the cults associated with these animals, played his fertility. Even the moon and the sun likened to a wild beast, called the bull of heaven (thanks resembling the horns of the crescent moon).

Associating with the male animal is the symbol of the builder and the worker. Bull was born under the sign of balance and persistence. Patient and terse, these people immediately inspire confidence. Under their calm, even-tempered hides an iron will. Sometimes these people are still coming out of himself, and in this case it is better to be away from them: the wrath of the Bull knows no bounds.

In general, the nature of their considered easy, although it manifests itself and certain stubbornness (more because Bull does not like to contradict it). Negative traits tend to occur in response to incorrect behavior of others: for punctuality and, optionally, to a greater extent.

A person born under this sign, holds fast to the belief and ready to fight for them, regardless of the consequences. This hard-working, conscientious and thoughtful worker who brings to the end of all, for whatever he undertook.

Bull iron business acumen, and he never missing a chance. At the same time he is very honest, so friends and colleagues to have confidence in him.

Despite the fact that he was not very sociable and it is not easy to make friends at the time hobbies Bull is surprisingly eloquent, and his ability to bring a friend to be frank - the trump card with which the representatives of this sign is successful.

Bull - individualist and prefer not to share their innermost thoughts with others. He also appreciates its independence and is more likely to act on their own, rather than on orders from the outside.

In general, born in the Year of the Ox are hardworking and persistent, all of which are taken, brought to the end. They make outstanding policy - up to dictators (Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Jawaharlal Nehru), remarkable film actors (Charlie Chaplin, Vanessa Redgrave, Dustin Hoffman), artists (Walt Disney, Vincent van Gogh, Anna Akhmatova, Johann Sebastian Bach) .

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