According to scientists, the number of people on the planet Earth has been steadily increasing and already exceeds the figure of 7 billion. It would seem that in this situation, none of the people should have no problems in finding a partner. However, the number of lonely hearts more and more. This stems from the disastrous occupation of each of us
Standard scenario - we hasten to work that morning, ignoring those around us to transport people attention during the working day, all our thoughts are on business meetings, negotiations, transactions, etc., evening run in its "nest" that after dinner and a movie to lie alone in bed. He does not look like your life? Is there anything in your life, and the one to whom you are experiencing feelings? Are you associated with it their fate? Are you confident in his sincerity? These and other questions can be answered with the help of astrology, numerology, runes and power of divination by the Tarot cards.

In love, as in war, all means are good

Sometimes it is better to seek advice from a stranger - an expert in their field, rather than ask for it friends or relatives. Their recommendations are generally subjective in nature, without the proper proportion of objectivity may be dictated by various factors, mood, lack of proper experience and so on.

For example, one of her friends, whose marriage had failed, just loves to comment on your personal life. According to her, favorite cup of porcelain service with a small crack necessarily ruin your relationship, although its absence in the house of broken crockery did not save. You carefully listen to her, nod and ... remains with their own opinions. Believe that card or numerology bring his advice is much more useful.

Methods of divination set. For example, the alignment of the Tarot "Analysis of Solitude" will help you identify its nature, to rethink their behavior, to understand that it is necessary to change in yourself and on what should work to meet your soulmate, and find love.

If you have a partner in mind, "Pyramid Lovers" with four cards tell about the characteristics of yourself and your partner, relations and their future. By divination can attract and possible partner - alignment "Railway Station for Two". Stretching out three cards from the deck, you can see the view of yourself, partner and the relationship. It should be remembered that the cards do not talk about the inevitable development of certain events, they only give a prediction that you can change in the required direction. When searching for a partner should take into account your horoscope for the current period, as well as the compatibility of zodiac signs. After all, the location of the planets depends on many things, and despite the feelings for each other, partners will not be able to get along under one roof. For example, Aries can turn life of the Virgin or cancer in a nightmare, and the Scorpion - a fairy tale.

Therefore, before searching for the second half sure to check out their characteristic sign of the zodiac and horoscope for the year. Same thing can be said about numerology, because everyone is born with his cherished number that affects the future life. Define it and learn about its features.

Folk omens and rituals

Use in your life "grandmother" secrets - various popular superstitions and rituals. For example, our grandmothers and mothers in the day of the Holy Virgin asked her future husband and family happiness. It was believed that the girl who on this day the first svechechku put in the temple before the icon of the saint, will be married before anyone else.

If you want to dream about her fiance, the night of the Shroud say at bedtime: "Zorka - summer lightning, fair maiden, mother of the Most Holy Mother of God! Cover my sorrow and thy disease fatoyu! Bring me betrothed mummers. "Christmas divination - is also a great way to find your favorite. Who does not know one of the most known methods of divination! Exit to the edge, remove your shoes with his left foot and switch it over his shoulder with the toe forward. On the other side, which is the "look" of socks, and wait for Mr Right. If it is directed at you, then this year's wedding should be expected.

This list goes on and on - the technician to find your soul mate, there is a huge amount. The main thing - remember that no matter what situation you may be, you will always be able to select the appropriate method for you or ask for help from a knowledgeable and experienced experts.

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