One of the things we love most about Emma Stone is how freakin' down-to-earth and normal she seems. And we love her even more for opening up about experiencing anxiety—something many women deal with regularly: "I get so anxious privately," Emma recently told USA Today.

One method she uses to keep calm? Meditation: "I just started meditating in January," she told the publication. "It's changing my life completely. I'm pretty into it. Once or twice a day, I meditate. That has been the best thing for my mind."

And interestingly, her other secret to staying cool and collected is realizing that she's so much more than just her stressful thoughts. "I'm able to separate who I actually am from the box of rats that's going around in my head," said Emma. "Your thought process is not who you are. That's separate monkey chatter mode." It's amazing advice for all the women suffering from stress, anxiety, or any multitude of nervous thoughts.

Learn how to regain your own sense of inner calm here. And if you want to give meditation a shot, find out how to get started here.

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