Fed up of having arguments over the fruit and vegetables in the house? Many children don’t like to eat it because it could be something new or it’s labelled as healthy. They forget that it’s also delicious, especially if they start to get bored of the same thing over and over again. Here are a few tips to encourage your children to try the different varieties and have a healthier lifestyle.

Keep Fruit Easy To Reach

Keep the fruit in sight with a fruit bowl on the coffee table or dining room table. If your children see it on a regularly basis and realise that they can just grab and go, they’re more likely to do it.

It saves the questions of asking for food or complaining that there’s nothing to eat! Encourage them to take a piece of fruit without having to ask for permission.



Add Fruit In With Their Cereal

Breakfast time is the perfect time to encourage more fruit in the diet. It’s really easy to add to cereal, yogurts and other meals. You can also add vegetables to breakfast time by adding mushrooms and tomatoes to eggs.

This is also a great way to encourage new things as the fruit and veg can be mixed with other things to mask or enhance flavours.

Make It Fun To Eat

Instead of slicing up carrots into straight, easy to grab pieces, crinkle cut them. Make stars out of tomatoes or patterns out of pieces of pear.

All of these shapes make the fruit and vegetables fun to eat. Your children will start to see that it’s not boring and will want to try them even more. You can use cake cutters to help with this process.



Get Children Involved

Get children involved with the choosing and cooking processes. Ask them the type of fruit and vegetables that they would like to try at home and get them to help with making them.

They’ll see that they’re normal, everyday items instead of things that you’re forcing them to eat!

Ask Them How They Prefer Them

A piece of fruit on its own can get boring. Instead, mix with other foods, such as pieces of meringue or yogurt.

Ask your children how they want to eat the different options in the home. If they get more choice, they’re more likely to try.



Have Fun Baking

Another option is to try baking with fruit ad vegetables. Try out new recipes and have fun together in the kitchen. You may find that something tastes much nicer done a completely different way.

This is also a great chance to experiment with different herbs, spices and flavourings.


Don’t Take No For An Answer

Children initially don’t like new tastes. It’s not that they don’t want to; it’s just that it’s something different. It takes about eight tries to finally decide whether they like something or not.

Don’t take the first attempt as a true indication. Keep trying and encourage them to give it another go.

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