Remember this rules, when you will choose Engagement Rings 

Shape Matters Most
Even before those four metallic element (cut, color, clarity, and carat), you want to apprehend what form your future bride-to-be loves. form indicates the particular pure mathematics of the stone, as hostile cut, that relates to the angles of the aspects within the stone for Engagement Rings.
Settings square measure Second
A quality setting -- the metal framework during which your stone is mounted -- will set the tone for a hoop. A classic spherical ring stone gets a recent and fashionable makeover in a very edge setting. a classy oval will look additional ancient in a very four-prong setting. obtaining the proper dance band of form and setting is vital.
Spy on Her vogue
The trend lately is for couples to ring-shop along, however if you’re additional of a traditionalist and searching to surprise her with a hoop she’ll love, make sure to try and do some reconnaissance mission. you'll be able to raise her succor or relative for facilitate -- and swear them to secrecy. however if you’re assault not telling anyone, concentrate to the jewellery she wears. Is she additional of a platinum/silver woman than a yellow-gold one? will she gravitate to vintage jewels as hostile easy, classic pieces? Watch her for some of weeks and take mental notes to scrutinize her vogue.

Consider the Metal
When it involves the band, you have a range of metals to decide on from. One standard selection is noble metal -- it's very sturdy and particularly pure, creating it an excellent hypoallergenic selection for brides and grooms with sensitive skin. there is conjointly gold, that comes in a very selection colours, as well as white, yellow, rose, and even inexperienced. on the far side noble metal and gold, you may conjointly take into account atomic number 46 (which includes a grayer hue than platinum) or maybe a recycled metal band, which could embrace a combination of noble metal and gold. consider it as a "something old" and "something new" all rolled into one.
Buy Loose Stones
Unless you’re shopping for associate estate ring, likelihood is that, you’ll be viewing loose stones as hostile stones in a very setting. (The ones you see within the jeweler’s case square measure typically simply samples to convey you a thought of the finished product.) The stone accounts for the overwhelming majority of a ring’s value, thus wouldn’t you wish to urge the foremost attractive one possible (or a minimum of in your budget)? make sure to examine the stone with a hand glass (a hand-held scientific instrument that the majority jewelers have). a decent jeweler (more thereon later) are ready to guide you and tell you what to appear for.

Work Your Budget Well
Throw out that previous two-months earnings myth; you ought to purchase the simplest ring you'll be able to while not going into major debt. If she’s a size queen and your budget isn’t super-sized, opt for a hoop with a rather larger table, or surface, area. You won’t get the maximum amount sparkle, however a one-carat ring can look abundant larger if the stone isn’t as deep. Don’t need to sacrifice the planning of your stone? shopping for simply back of succeeding carat (1.8 rather than 2) will equal a savings of nearly twenty %. And once it involves clarity, shopping for back provides you the foremost flexibility while not moving sparkle (often defects don't seem to be visible to the naked eye).

Shop Safe
Always begin your jeweler search with recommendations from friends and family. No leads? Check for trade organization affiliation. Stores licensed by the Jewelers of America or members of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) square measure smart beginning places. typically giant, notable chains square measure reliable and supply sales. And continuously resolve what a store’s come policy is. you wish to be ready to a minimum of exchange the stone if it’s not the one she desires.

Give Yourself a minimum of Six Weeks
Remember that when ordered, a hoop will take up to 6 weeks to arrive, doubtless longer if you are having it customized. If you wish to engrave the within of the ring, make sure to request the inscription after you place your order.

Get It in Writing
Diamonds one carat or larger ought to be among a diamond-grading report issued by associate freelance gemological association like the Armed Islamic Group or the yank Gem Society. you may conjointly get a "fingerprint" of your ring on the bill of sale, which might embrace the stone's four metallic element, shape, dimensions, and any cosmetic enhancements. Also, something that affects its worth -- if it absolutely was created by a celebrated designer, is associate antique or work of art, or is hand-crafted or custom-designed -- ought to even be noted.

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