Your eye color is just as unique as your personality. The right eye makeup can make all the difference as to whether your makeup will call attention to your eyes or draw attention away from them. There are different recommendations for what kind of makeup and application styles to use that depend on the color of your eyes, making them the central focus of your face.

Eye Shadow For Blue Eyes

For those who have blue eyes, you should choose eye shadow shades in brown, violet and rose colors. They provide the perfect contrast to your blue eyes and will really make them pop.

Try to make sure the shades you select are darker than your eye color. Never use blue eye shadow! Matching your eye shadow color to your eyes in any hue can make your eyes look dull.

If you like, you can always mix your eye shadow with a touch of black to create a smoky look.



Eyeliner And Mascara For Blue Eyes

Don’t buy black eyeliner because you think it will help your blue eyes to stand out more. Dark or medium brown eyeliners work much better at bringing out the beauty of blue eyes. If you want more contrast, select a liner that is a shade lighter than your eye shadow.

The best mascara to use would be a brown or brown/black color. If you must use black, simply touch the brush to your lashes for slight color.

Eye Shadow For Green Eyes

Plum and violet shades do wonders to bring out green eyes. If you tire of those shades, you can try shades of brown, mauve, medium pink, lilac and dark purple colors.

Don’t use blue, silver, white or any pastel shades as they can make you look washed out. Apply the darker shades in the crease of the eye, and medium shades on the eyelid. Blend them together for a soft and smoky look.



Eyeliner And Mascara For Green Eyes

Dark brown is the perfect eyeliner for green eyes. Brown/black mascara is the best for this color, too.

Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, you are pretty lucky! You can get away with almost any color and pull it off.

If you want your eyes to really stand out, select an eye shadow color a shade darker than your eye color.



Eyeliner And Mascara For Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes can wear black or navy eyeliner. To make your eyes really stand out, put white eye liner on your bottom lid and black on the top.

Black mascara works best for those with brown eyes.

Eye Shadow For Hazel Eyes

Light pinks, purples and sheer blush are perfect for hazel eyes.

You can also play around with dark greens and soft yellows to make your eyes stand out.



Eyeliner And Mascara For Hazel Eyes

Black eyeliner and mascara create a stunning look with hazel eyes.

If you’re looking to bring out the specks of color in your eyes, use dark green or blue eyeliner with black mascara.

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