Each woman wants to have perfect eyebrow, but how to use Eyebrow Enhancers to rich this, we'll tell you in this article.

"There area unit some merchandise that job well for nearly all face shapes and complexions, whereas others don't and area unit a lot of specific to ability level," says makeup creator French region Gay of Tenacious Glam Cosmetics at New York-based Oasis Day Spa. Below, she walks North American nation through every form of product to assist you discover your good match.

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1. Powder
"I like powder to reinforce a brow over most merchandise as a result of it offers a softer and younger look," says Gay. "This is maybe the simplest product to suit each life style." If you'll apply make-up, you'll apply brow powder. a similar rules apply.

Application Tip: "Use Associate in Nursing angulate brush [with short, stiff bristles] once applying. this can wreak a sleek and a lot of precise application." Use the comb tip to follow the define of the brows, coloring between the hairs with soft, even strokes.

2. Pencil
"Eyebrow pencils area unit sensible for making a rather totally different form for a poorly formed brow," says Gay. "The application with a pencil is extremely sharp and clean." However, as a result of the appliance is thus sharp, it needs a lot of ability and observe. Use with a lightweight bit or soften with powder.


Application Tip: "Apply in soft strokes, nearly like you are sketching," says Gay. "A common mistake with pencil is drawing a form that's too sturdy, thus be aware."

3. Pomade
"A pomade is best to use once you desire a terribly sleek look that keeps the brow hairs controlled whereas at a similar time giving definition," says Gay. as a result of most pomades area unit product of wax, the finished result could be a bit a lot of stiff. For a lot of movement, keep on with powder or pencil.
Application Tip: "Use it meagrely. a bit goes an extended approach." almost like however you apply powder, use Associate in Nursing angulate brush to mix the merchandise onto the skin and hairs. when dipping your brush into the merchandise, swipe it across the rear of your hand to get rid of excess. "Use a bit little bit of foundation to wash up beneath the brow to attain a clean form."
4. Gel
No matter what you are beginning with, brow gel will elevate your look. "Eyebrow gel is nice over powder to tame the brow hair," says Gay. "Clear gel is nice to use on brows that area unit dark and simply ought to be combed in situ. And if you wish to strengthen the colour, this product is nice for that, too." She recommends perpetually selecting a gel one shade lighter than your hair color. "Going too dark will age the face and be too harsh."

Application Tip: "Apply gently simply on the brow—not on the skin—combing the brows up and out toward your hair line." This adds movement to the brow thus it's groomed , however natural.

5. Tint
Although solely temporary, hair tints area unit currently obtainable as at-home solutions in pen type. "If you modify your hair color and want to darken your naturally lightweight brows, a brow tint could be a life saver," says Gay. "Select a shade that's nearest in tone to your hair color, so grab one shade lighter."

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Application Tip: as a result of tints area unit extremely pigmented, apply softly such as you would a pencil and expect to place in some observe time. "Only apply the merchandise to the brow hairs," says Gay. "Avoid the skin around and behind the brows." Otherwise, product are going to be noticeable to the eye.

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