We all know there are some things that easily can be changed by fashion tips. Today I will teach you how to look taller, using following simple tips.

How To Look Taller

1. Use Vertical in a New Way

Try button-down sweaters and shirts, racing stripes and  zip-front apparel, it will be better vertical stripes. It will be sexy to get a slit in your skirt - back, side or front will be fine.

Pinstripes are trendy of course, but also you may use embroidery, corduroy, sport beads, pretty patterns and any number of creative customization in a vertical format. Pleats and ribbed patterns will add to the vertical aspect too.



2. Rock Out With Vertical Lines and  Stripes


If you decided to select patterns, pleats or simple old stripes, you will like the illusion of added height. Vertical lines elongate your body and at the same time give you a trimmer and slimmer appearance.



3. Wear a v-neck sweater or  shirt


Of course we all know that high heels are the only fashion accessories that really do make girls taller, the v-neck gives an illusion of a longer torso. Based on the rest of your outfit, you may judge if the chunky heels, stilettos or platform sandals will work best. Create a few true extra inches with platforms or high heels.



4. Stand Up Straight!


Use the natural height you already have to stand tall. So tall as you may! Not only will you look more confident, you will be keeping your back strong while toning your glutes.



5. Buy a Nice Pair of Boots


Every lady's wardrobe must contain the essential shoes - winter and summer styles, browns and blacks, closed-toe, open-toe and boots. If your feet become sensitive to pressure easily, use platforms instead of heels, insert some padded insoles or just skip the stylish shoes altogether and opt for flats.



6. Use Accessories That Will Add Height to Your Image


Dangling earrings, silky scarves,  and long pendants, necklaces or pearls have to give a nice boost to your stature. Smart using of accessories such as hats, sunglasses, shawls and barrettes will add to the height factor too.



7. Focus on the Things You Can


The perfect suit or dress will really make the occasion. Put your main focus on coordinating the perfect outfit - from the clothing to the best shoes, pouch and accessories you may find!



8. When Choosing Pants, Select the Proper Fit


Longer is better -longer as in nearly touching the ground even when you are in heels. At the very least, your pants have to definitely touch your shoes, which helps to create the appearance of longer legs. Some trendy pants can not be the best for shorter girls, especially if you're going for that illusion of height.

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