Obesity has become the most common cause in the present market and therefore it is the only reason that can contribute in different health issues. Due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle, obesity has become the prevalent health problems. But, obesity is not only caused because of eating habits there are also other reasons behind which can contribute to the cause of the problem.

What Are The Symptoms Of Obesity?

Abnormal growth of the body weight can be the proof of obesity in the female body and it does not only lead to excessive body weight, but it also reduces the energy level and contributes in the change of appearance of the person.

Pain in the back, hips and joints are the common causes of such problems. You will find that women suffering from obesity will lack in proper breathing.



Visible Signs Of Female Obesity

One of the most common effects of the obesity is the indifferent in the body structure and shape. You will turn out to be disproportionate in comparison to your face. Stretch marks are found around the abdomen area which can be the visible sign of the increase of body weight.

In case a person suffering from obesity will also experience increase in the level of stress and anxiety and will find difficulty in accomplishing everyday task. Let’s have a quick look on the health problem that can occur in women suffering from obesity.

Problems Occurring In The Menstrual Cycle

Obese women will definitely suffer from menstrual disturbances even at an early age. For the premenopausal women, the obesity can lead to irregular menstrual cycle and even cause infertility.



Sexual Problems Can Take Place

In one of the recent research it is found that the obese women are also unable to satisfy their partner in bed. This can lead to the depression and also can hamper the sex life and destroy the relationship between the two people.

Reasons Behind The Obesity

There are different reasons that can contribute to the growth of excess body weight. Unhealthy eating habits are one of the noticeable reasons. Excess consumption of fast food can lead to immense body weight.

There are also genetic factors that work and cause excess body weight in women. Women have the slower metabolism and these can contribute to the lower weight reduction in women compared to men.

If any women are not involved in any kind of physical activities then it can certainly increase the body weight.



Solutions To Obesity

It is important to reduce the weight at the right time so that you can maintain your health and can enjoy a happy life. You need to check your lifestyle and adopt some of the measures through which you can easily shed excess weight. You should drink lots of water and need to avoid eating junk food.

It is good to consume fruits and vegetables as they are fat free and are highly nutritious. Include some physical activities in your life so that you can shed out the calories that you are consuming daily.


Cause Problem With Pregnancy

Infertility and obesity and interlinked and so excess weight can damage the reproductive ability.

It is advised by the gynecologists to shed the weight in order to improve the chance of bearing a child. Nearly 10% of the couple is the US is suffering from infertility due to excess body weight.

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