Daily exercise - a weight control, good health, increase vitality, and in the end - is the belief that everything goes smoothly. It is important that you find a set of exercises that gives you pleasure, and continued to do it regularly.
Pregnant women are encouraged as much as possible to walk. Take brief walks several times a day. Comfortable shoes of high quality material prevent fatigue when walking. Among the simple, accessible to every woman, but very effective exercises recommended by different doctors - Walking up the stairs. You need to follow a few simple conditions: keep your mouth closed, breathe slowly and keep straight; then especially active diaphragm, whose role is to ensure the proper development of the fetus is extremely important.

The ideal sport for pregnant women - swimming. Exercises in water discharged spine, strengthen the back muscles and chest, massaging the tissue, improves blood circulation. Pregnant women who regularly engaged in water exercises, usually no stretch marks. Additional water is difficult to overheat.

Are strictly forbidden:

- Long walks on the bike
- Ice skating and skiing,
- Rowing,
- Horse riding,
- Lifting and pulling heavy backpacks,
- Eliminated step and dance aerobics, as during these sessions to keep the balance is very difficult.
- Also falls under the ban of high impact aerobics with jumps, hops, with a complex choreography and high intensity step.
- Sudden movements, strong stretching, "flip" the yoga asanas (when the feet above the head), sudden movements and mahi swimming, a strong bending of the back.

Time to practice and time to rest

The first trimester of pregnancy - not the best time for intensive sports fetus need to be fixed, excessive exercise, alas, can lead to miscarriage. The best thing about this period - a walk in the park, breathing exercises. Optimal time - is a quiet second trimester.

In the preparation of training programs take into account the gestational age, health status and analysis of processes in each trimester, the body's response to exercise. Usually the classes is recommended to stop at the end of the 8th month.

Recommended to engage in special groups or clubs for expectant mothers. In these institutions have been trained coach and programs are with all the features of the organism. What is your favorite, but "normal" club or coach is unlikely to have the right level of knowledge and skills. Independent choice loads and programs is strictly not recommended - you should watch for a qualified specialist! When choosing fitness classes for pregnant women better to stay on the well-proven and adequate time there is a place.

Your sessions can last from 30 minutes to an hour. Heart rate expectant mother on average should not exceed 140 beats per minute. When active physical activities excluded hungry state. It is better to eat before a workout a little complex carbohydrates (such as cereal porridge), and then loads limited to vegetable salads and reception of protein foods (fish, lean meats). And, of course, vitamins and minerals!

It is very important how you proceeded previous pregnancy. Consult with your doctor what kind of exercise you can perform if you had complications - three or more miscarriages, incompetent cervix, intrauterine growth retardation, premature birth, or any abnormal bleeding during pregnancy.