Harness your inner star power and celeb twin's strategies to achieve your fitness goals. 
Need some motivation to get moving? Steal the fitness secrets of a celebrity whose sign you share to get that superstar sculpted look!

Aries: You'll have to run to keep up with Reese Witherspoon's favored fitness routine - jogging. Although she sometimes jogs alone, this sociable Aries loves inviting friends to join her. Get a buddy to start running with you (and that includes the family dog)! 

Taurus: Get ready to act like a mermaid. Swimming is one of Tori Spelling's favored sports! This Taurus has turned her swimming practice into a family affair - her children also love the pool

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Gemini: Mel B (aka Melanie Brown or Scary Spice) combines cardio with an intense core routine. She keeps the cardio portion to a daily half hour, but ups the abs to 200 sit-ups three times a day. You'll have a sleek, firm tummy you'll be proud to bare in a bikini! 

Cancer: Meryl Streep goes for variety when it comes to fitness, and that's a winning formula for you as well. In addition to swimming, Meryl enjoys dancing. Get started by watching her in Mamma Mia! and copying her delightful dance moves. 

Leo: Get ready to go all out when you choose Jennifer Lopez as your Leo fitness role model. Intense toning exercises (yes, that's how she keeps that famous derriere so perfect!) combined with dance moves keep her in prime condition. 

Virgo: LeAnn Rimes loves to mix it up when it comes to fitness. As another Virgo, you'll feel invigorated by this approach, too. Combine strength toning with a spinning class, for example. And like LeAnn, try to get your exercise done first thing in the morning to succeed. 

Libra: Like Gwyneth Paltrow, structured workouts are your key to fitness success. Gwyneth aims for 45 minutes of cardio, supplemented by toning moves, five days a week. The results will make you Glee-ful! 

Scorpio: Stay golden like Goldie Hawn with this superstar's exercise routine. Dance is a key component of her workout, which she balances with yoga and meditation. And if you think being older means doing more sedate exercise, take a hint from Goldie. She practices pole dancing! 

Sagittarius: Join Britney Spears on the treadmill for a rev-up-your-metabolism workout. She also does light weights and, of course, believes in the delights of dance for keeping her body in star shape. 

Capricorn: Mary Tyler Moore began her career as a dancer, and continued to practice ballet to maintain her beautiful figure as she matured into a talented actor. As a Capricorn, the discipline of dance will appeal to you and result in a sculpted body that you'll love

Aquarius: Christie Brinkley uses a trick that will work for you, admirable Aquarius - she multitasks! She'll squat while blow-drying her hair, rise on her toes to work her calves while brushing her teeth, and weave in pushups with other tasks to stay sleek. 

Pisces: Drew Barrymore keeps it simple, aiming for a minimum of two to three hours of exercise each week. Smart, because when you focus on an achievable goal, you know you can succeed. Take a 15-minute walk before work each day and a 15-minute walk after dinner, and you'll tone up almost effortlessly! 

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