In today's tech-savvy world, were everything has found its way to the 'world wide web', the hunt for online job has also gone online! The job hunting process now, thanks to the online accessibility to employee and employer information, has become easier. However, easy does not always spell 'error free' as the presumption of something being easy leaves a lot room for error.

Since the same set of employer information and data base is accessible to anyone and everyone with an internet connection the pool of job seekers deepens, hence forcing the potential employers to use a strict and stringent process to screen candidates who best fit their requirements.  In such a scenario even the most trivial mistakes can cost you the dream job that has been keeping you up filling job applications all night!

So, here we provide you with a list of common mistakes that job seekers tend to make while hunting for jobs online and in turn save you from falling down the old fashioned way!

Sending Unsolicited Job Applications:

One should completely avoid sending unsolicited e-mails or resumes as they are never entertained. These mails are considered nothing more than garbage and they always find their way into the HR managers' trash bin!

Ineffective Networking:

Networking is the most important part of making yourself visible in the crowd of homogeneous job seekers. However, if you go about it the wrong way it can backfire on you. Make sure that you are the listener and not the 24*7 All India Radio. Listeners are mainly people who have a clear agenda, and are not shy about asking for feedback and guidance. On the other hand the talkers or 24*7 All India Radio are those who talk too much and keep pestering for a job.

Half-Baked Social Media Profiles:

Once you apply for a job your prospective employer most often then never tries to know more about you and what better than visit your social media pages to source that extra bite of information. In such cases when the employer comes across a half-baked or incomplete profile he or she immediately adds it to the 'black list'. Incomplete LinkedIn or Twitter profiles are all ways annoying, so make sure to always keep them up-to-date and fully furnished.

Recycling the Same Cover Letter:

Sending a cover letter along with your resume? Make sure you customise it for every organization you apply for. You cover letter is very important to make that first impression.

Email Etiquette:

Always make sure that your e-mails are free of spelling and grammatical errors in order to create a positive impression in the HR manager's mind. Use proper salutation and avoid using 'SMS' language, they come across as highly unprofessional and land your job application directly into the trash bin.