This week you have a few planets that are causing problems. No one's saying what they mean or meaning what they say, so it's best to cultivate patience. Reaching out to friends and family will help blunt the slings and arrows of the world, as will inviting a small group over for a feast. Elaine's Sweet and Tangy Loose Beef BBQ takes chuck roast, slow cooks it for several hours, and makes it fall off the bone. Divine? Yes, and all for you.
Another opinion for this week Gemini Food Horoscope says as following:
You have a lot of your energy focused around money matters, as you're becoming very serious about a new investment of cash or time into a project that may have sounded crazy a few months ago. Now, though, you're all about trying to make it happen. Establish camaraderie with others through food. Everyone needs to eat well so they will pull together to get it done. Stick with hearty fare like Oklahoma brisket served with potatoes and Brussels sprouts or broccoli.

Version N 3:
Rise and shine! The radiant Sun leaves your sleepy twelfth house and grooves into Gemini for its month-long annual tour. Program your favorite shows on DVR cause you won't have time to couch surf. When people seek out the seen-and-be-seen scene, you're the first person they'll come to. Enjoy this surge of popularity, but make sure you also leave time for your personal goals. Make it your mission to advance your passion projects, and you set the scene for an abundant and fulfilling year
Geminis are spontaneous and masterful multitaskers—both of which can work against them at mealtimes. Sit down, be quiet, and enjoy your meal for Astraeus’ sake!  Geminis' tendency to eat quickly and obsessively can cause them to lose sight of food as fuel; they will often select unhealthy and processed foods. They are prone to illness caused by nervous tension, so it's important to avoid abusing the cappuccino machine and consider herbal teas instead. Brain foods (foods containing Omega-3s) like fish, walnuts, avocados, and blueberries keep Geminis functioning for heavy work loads. Eating mini meals can be very useful to a Gemini as long as they are healthy foods and not grab-and-go items. Lettuce and cauliflower help keep Gemini’s weaker lungs and upper respiratory system in check by helping to combat bronchitis.


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