If you’re still looking around for that last minute present, you may want to consider fragrances and candles. These gifts are excellent for small presents and work for all types of people. They are great for relaxing baths and simply making the home smell nicer, especially for those with pets! Here are some great ideas for fragrance and candle gift ideas this Christmas.

Get Into The Christmas Cheer

There are a number of special fragrances released every year around this time. They include mulled wine scents or apple spices.

They offer a scent of this time of year, and are perfect for those who have an upcoming Christmas/New Year party. It could be a meal with the family the Sunday after Christmas, or it may be a New Years Eve party.



Mini Candle Sets

If you’re stuck on the flavours and scents, consider a mini candle gift set. These usually have three or four different options to light, and allow the person to place them at strategic positions around the home.

This can be great for those who love scented candles in every room of the home.

A Diffuser Set

Candles aren’t safe for everyone, especially those with animals and children. Instead, you want to look for fragrance sets that won’t burn down the house. Diffusers are excellent for this, and come in all different scents and styles.

They are also refillable, which is great for those who want to get the most out of the gift. You can buy them in different shapes and sizes to suit the person you are thinking of.



Home Scenting Sets

Diffusers and candles can be bought together in gift sets. This allows those receiving the gift to decide the best place to put each item.

They also often have sprays that can be used on the pillows and fabrics to keep the scent around the home for a longer period of time.

Scented Tree Baubles

It’s not just the home that can be decorated with fragrances. The Christmas tree could be as well. You could give someone a scented bauble or two to hand on the tree, which the person could leave until next year to remember you by.

These are great because they are safe for children and pets, and can be placed high up if there is a problem with little hands.



Scented Drawer Liners

Maybe you have a friend who constantly moans about the scent coming from someone drawers. Christmas is a great chance to do something about that for them. Purchase a box of scented drawer liners.

If they have a confused look on their face, point out that you remember your conversation with them about sticky socks. It will put a smile on their face that you remembered something like that.


Oilers And Oil

Oilers are another option. They come in different sizes and shapes, and can work for normal decorations as well as special Christmas ones.

You simple put a drop or two of oil in the top and a small candle at the bottom and the oil burns away, leaving a fresh scent around the home.

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