What is it about pregnancy that makes our brains go all goofy? Hormones, preoccupation with the new family member on the way or something else entirely? No matter what causes it, almost all pregnant women experience it. These moms shared their funniest pregnancy-brain moments.

Food issues

Food is not only an issue when you’re pregnant because of cravings and aversions, but plenty of pregnant moms have done the goofiest things while storing, preparing or serving food.

Jenna, pregnant with her third baby, had a questionable moment while preparing dinner. “I put rainbow sprinkles in my hamburger mix rather than seasoning,” she remembered. “I was so distracted that I didn't even bother to look at what bottle I grabbed!”

Sarah, also pregnant with her third, had similar problems. “Putting a cup of bread flour instead of powdered sugar into a frosting mix,” she shared. “Gallon of milk in the cupboard. Premade pizza in the oven… with the cardboard.”

Melissa from Texas had a bad moment while baking cookies. “I softened butter to make cookies, picked it up to see if it was soft enough, decided it was and threw the stick in the mixing bowl,” she said. “About five minutes later I was scooping it out onto the cookie sheet and one of them looked weird. When I got to looking at it I realized it had what looked like pieces of wax paper in it. I picked it up, smashed it between my fingers, and read the word ‘BUT.’ I had thrown the stick of butter in fully wrapped.”

Everyday woes

Other moms had problems doing everyday things — or even worse, their jobs — as Brittney did when she was pregnant with her first baby. “When working in sterile processing I would have to wrap loaner trays,” she explained. “Trays that come from companies that are dropped off by reps. It's very important you write specifically on all the trays the doctor, case, time, what the tray is and so on. I cannot tell you how many of those things I wrote out wrong when pregnant. And these take hours upon hours. And I’d write the wrong thing on like three hours' worth of work and 50 trays.”

Shopping can be a trial on the best of days, but when pregnancy brain is operating in full force it can mean losing important items. “I left my debit card in the drive-up ATM,” shared Angela, mom of two. “I just drove away and left it there, but it was sucked back into the machine and they destroyed it. I didn't realize this until I went to a store a couple of hours later, couldn't find my debit card, so I paid with a check. I left my checkbook at the cash register and they had to chase me down.”

Molly had a similar experience with an ATM, but it wasn’t the card she forgot. “I was getting a baby present from a friend which I set on an ATM on my way home and totally forgot,” she remembered. “I went back hours later when I realized what I had done and then cried when a bank teller handed it to me.”

Heather, mom of two, is glad her car wasn’t stolen during one of her pregnancies. “One time I stopped to grab coffee with a friend and when I got back into my car I couldn't figure out what was wrong,” she told us. “Turns out, it was the music, because typically, when I leave my car in a parking lot I don't leave it running.”

Wardrobe malfunction

Getting dressed is second nature — right? Well, not so much for the pregnant mom. “I put my pants on backward,” Kelly, mom of two, told us. “Then I went about getting ready to go out. I thought my pants felt funny but I figured my belly had grown more. I figured it out when I tried to put something in my back pocket.”


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