How to get pregnant fast

Each couple will sooner or later want to become parents.
And usually people want to make this event happen as soon as possible. This is quite natural, but sometimes a woman can not get pregnant right away. If the health of the spouses in the order, it is sufficient to know a few simple rules to help conceive a child can literally from the first and second times. Below you will find tips on how to get pregnant quickly and become happy parents.

Health - the key to easy and quick conception

To quickly and easily get pregnant in the first place, you have to be absolutely confident in a favorable state of health. And the misconception that this should only take care of a woman, because in the process of conceiving a child take the role of both spouses.

First of all, once you have decided on the replenishment of the family, it is necessary to check the state of health and, if necessary, correct the problem, because a healthy pair of far more likely to conceive a child quickly and easily.

You need to pay a visit to the gynecologist, who will give direction to the analyzes. The doctor will decide what tests you must pass, but in any case it will be blood tests for syphilis infections, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV; ultrasound of the pelvic organs. Analyses must pass both prospective parents. In addition, the doctor will give more tips, what else you need to do in order to get pregnant faster.

When you make sure that the tests in the order, you can safely start the process. If the tests show any abnormalities, it's time to bring health in order.

Method of calculating ovulation - a reliable method to quickly get pregnant

In order to easily conceive a child, there is a reliable method - calculation of ovulation. It is in these days a woman can get pregnant. It is important to know how to calculate the day when ovulation occurs. There are several ways to do this.

Firstly, a method of mathematical calculation. It is great for women who have a regular cycle. To do this, on the length of the menstrual cycle, take 14 days - and the resulting figure would mean the day of ovulation. It is important to count from the first day of menstruation. But it is this day should not wait - start trying to get pregnant need a week before ovulation and for 5 days after surgery. This is due to a lifetime of sperm, which retains its ability to live within 5 days after intercourse.

You to be confident in their calculations, we can give the following advice: have sex every other day during the period between 10 and 18 days. In this case, the first day is the first day of the month.

The second method is suitable for women who have an irregular cycle. It is based on the measurement of basal body temperature. To do this, every morning, lying in bed, you need to measure the temperature (thermometer must be entered into the rectum). Day when the temperature rose slightly, and will be the day of ovulation.

The third way is to use ovulation tests, which are sold in a pharmacy. They allow you to define the desired day.

But not everything depends on the woman. Ovulation is an important condition for conceiving a child, but no less important condition is the male sperm and its quality - this depends directly on the positive result of your attempts. And here the important contribution of the men in the business. Sperm in men is updated every 2 months. So as soon as you decide to conceive a child, the future Pope must make an effort on their part: to lead a healthy lifestyle, not to drink alcoholic beverages, do not smoke, make nightly exercise - all this in the most positive effect on sperm. Also, do not take a hot bath, walk-in bath or sauna - this applies to both spouses.

Another very important point - the frequency of intercourse. It used to be that in order to quickly get pregnant, you almost for a month to abstain from sex. But it is a myth that is completely debunked by modern doctors. Studies conducted by scientists have shown that daily sex improves sperm quality, but at the same time reduce the amount of seminal fluid. The best thing in this case - to find a middle ground. The right thing - to listen to the advice that doctors give: 1 sex every 2-3 days is the best for conception.

How to get pregnant fast: Tips

The question of what to do to be easy to conceive a child, many couples are concerned. There are some rules, observing that, you can quickly achieve the desired goal. Here are the main ones:

avoiding harmful habits. It has been said about how important a man to give up all bad habits. But not to a lesser extent this also applies to pregnant women: alcohol, smoking, coffee - now taboo for you. And a ban on them will continue not only during attempts to conceive a child, but also throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding;
adequate weight. This applies to both women and men. How are too skinny, and have excessive fat women at high risk of problems with conception. It is important to adjust the weight so that it was not stressful for the body: no diet pills and diets can not be used. If weight problems in men, it affects the number of sperm, which at a weight problem becomes smaller;
rejection of excessive exercise. This rule also applies to both spouses. And this includes sports activities (eg, types of power). A woman should take care of yourself during pregnancy, and the man - as long as the woman is not pregnant. A very important point: the male athletes who take steroids, should stop taking them for 2 months before planned conception;
proper nutrition. It is important to ensure proper nutrition. And for women and men diet will vary. Expectant mothers is important to regularly eat greens, vegetables, bread, cereals, and men - meat, nuts and fish, because these foods increase sperm motility. If a woman has problems with ovulation, be sure to include in the diet of beans, meat and other foods that contain a lot of iron. Everyone, without exception, women need to consume dairy products.

The right time and posture - a pledge quick conception

It has been proved that the selected time and pose very affect the efficiency of conception. If you want to get pregnant as soon as possible, listen to the advice of doctors.

First, choose the right time of conception. The most successful - late autumn and early spring. Autumn body full of vitamins that he was due to summer fruits and vegetables, and spring - a time when nature awakens, a brand new life. To conceive a child this time, too perfect.

Time of day also affects the emergence of a new life. It is believed that the best time - this morning, so having sex in the morning, you greatly increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Equally important is the position you choose for conception. Of course, this does not give a guarantee that you will 100% get pregnant it is in this position, but the chances considerably. We are talking about the classic pose a missionary. It is in this position, sperm moves as quickly as possible. This method applies to those women who do not have abnormalities of the genitals. If a woman has a bending of the uterus, the most effective posture is when a man is behind.

However, no matter what position you choose, the most important thing - the very posture immediately after sexual intercourse. It is important to make sure that the sperm was preserved in the vagina as long as possible. To do this, you can put a pillow under your hips or pelvis to lift yourself, you lift the legs up the wall, or if you are friends with the sport, from posturing "birch". Relax for about 15 minutes These are the rules for women. Men after ejaculation is better not to make frictions, since it will contribute to the leakage of seminal fluid from the vagina.

Within 2-3 hours after intercourse is not necessary to take a shower and bathroom, no fuss, especially not immediately run for, etc.

Also, when you are trying to conceive a child, do not engage in oral sex because saliva reduces the quality of sperm. For the same reason it is impossible to use lubricants. They dramatically negative effect on sperm, thereby reducing the chances of getting pregnant. The same applies to intimate cosmetics.

All of these tips will help you achieve the desired result and will soon become the proud parents a wonderful kid.
How to quickly get pregnant: important psychological mood

Very important, in what mood you approach the process of conceiving a child. If you are worried, nervous about what will or not, upset every time the miracle does not happen, it could have the opposite effect. Try to calm down, be in a good mood, and then the result will not wait long.

Once you have decided that for full happiness of your family is not enough baby, protect yourself from the hassles, stress and negative emotions. Nowadays it is quite difficult to do, but it is possible. you have to give yourself a clear signal that more important you and your unborn child could be nothing. Treat your problems at work as something relatively minor - compared with your grand plans indeed it is.

Be sure to regularly arrange a psycho-emotional discharge. You can visit a massage therapist or spa salons, where a relaxed environment conducive to relaxation. Can enroll in yoga: now not uncommon groups organized specifically for pregnant women. you might as well start walking in a group. In addition, a wonderful tool to relax and relieve accumulated tension - is the usual walks through the quiet streets, in the park. If possible, take the exit with her husband in nature. This will not only affect you calming, but also strengthen your relationship.

Very good to take baths with herbs, essential oils or foam. Traditionally feminine lavender essential oil is: it is perfectly calm, calms the mind and sends into the world of dreams and rest. Well, if you light a beautiful candle, turn a quiet relaxing music - it will help you tune in a positive way. But it is very important to remember that the bath should not be hot. If you add herbs or essential oil, then take a bath can be no more than 15 minutes. They can be taken not only after the working day, but just before making love. You can take a bath and the two (especially if its size allows).

It should not only during childbearing, but also in the process of trying to conceive it to accumulate positive emotions and impressions. If you like art, visit museums, exhibitions and galleries. Thus, you will configure your emotional state and thoughts in a positive direction, which is very important. Tips husbands: do not expose their wives during this period, take care of them, try to create for them a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Another method for getting pregnant quickly - go on vacation. But it is better to avoid the hot tropical countries in the winter or, conversely, very cold - in the summer. Such a sharp drop in climate may not go good. If you go in the summer, for example, by the sea, then come back home you can have three: according to statistics, many couples managed to conceive a child is on vacation.
How to get pregnant fast: Tips traditional medicine

In folk medicine, there are some ways to help a woman conceive faster. This variety of herbs used to prepare herbal teas and infusions.

There are two herbs that are considered to be exclusively female. This upland uterus and red brush. These herbs cure a lot of ills women, including those believed to have contributed to rapid fertility. Of these herbs are prepared broths and taken orally.

Decoction of upland uterus is made from flowers and leaves in a water bath. Need to take 1 tbsp 4 times per day.

Decoction of red brush also prepared in a water bath. It should take 1 tbsp 2-3 times a day for 45 days and then take a break. This herb is aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases of the reproductive system.

Another herb which is used when it is desired no pregnancy - is sage. The broth is prepared as follows: it is necessary to insist 1 tablespoon Sage herb in 1 tbsp. boiling water. His need to drink 1 tbsp 2 times a day, every day, skipping days monthly. If you do not get pregnant, have a break in one cycle, and then repeat the reception. Salvia only helps if the infertility is caused by estrogen deficiency. If the cause of the other, it does not help.

You can prepare a decoction of the petals of a rose or the usual sea buckthorn. These plants contain large amounts of vitamin E, the lack of which in the body can prevent pregnancy.