Halloween is nearly upon us and there’s no time like the present to start searching for costumes. Finding one for your child is a great family moment. You could choose something cute, scary or pretty, whether you’re taking him trick or treating, staying in the home or there’s a Halloween party. Here are some tips for getting the perfect Halloween costume.

Think About Comfort For Your Little One

You want your child to be comfortable. If he’s running around at a party, he needs to be something that he can move around in and won’t get too hot in.

If he’s not quite running around, it needs to be something that he can crawl in, instead of being rooted to the same spot. The last thing you want is an irritable child because of your costume choice.



Choose Something He Likes

As he gets older, he will be able to tell you want he does or doesn’t want to wear. Listen to that. If he’s not happy with his costume choice, he won’t have a good night.

Of course, there are some lines that he could try to cross. If the costume isn’t suitable for his age, then you’re in the right to say no but make a compromise with him.

Maybe you can find something similar or make something that is suitable for his age.

Think About The Nappy Changes/Toilet Issue

An all in one costume with lots of lights, add-ons and fancy decorations looks great but think about the practicalities. How is he going to the toilet or what about the nappy changes?

You want something that is easy to use when it comes to toilet or nappy change times. This will avoid accidents and stop you from getting frustrated.



Find Something Fun

Halloween is about the scary sights but it’s also about having fun. Find a costume that your child can have some fun with—and not be the laughing stock of all his friends!

You don’t need to go for a scary costume and there is currently a move to go for cute instead of scary.

Mask Vs. Makeup

Are you okay with your little one wearing a mask? Maybe makeup is a better option. This is especially the case if your child has breathing problems.

Masks look great but they can make it hard to breathe and do get uncomfortable. Makeup is harder to remove though.



Reusing Old Costumes

There is always the option of reusing an old costume. You may have three that are alternated each year or one that you can adapt into something else.

This is a great way to save on the budget. Keep old costumes to pass down to younger children too.


Make It Budget Friendly

If your child does want something different, find ways of making it budget friendly. Halloween costumes can be very expensive.

Instead of buying them from the store, take a look at them for ideas and then make your own. You can have much more fun this way and it will definitely fit your child.

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