Getting married? Learn the 6 Do’s & Don’ts for wedding bliss

DO remember he wouldn’t have asked you to marry him if he didn’t think you were beautiful just the way you are!

Any improvements you make leading up to your wedding are truly just a bonus!

DON’T order your dress a size smaller with the “I’ll lose weight” mindset.

First, you know how we feel about scales here at the Beauty Bean, the number on the scale does not equal your self worth—and don’t you ever forget it missy!

We’ve told you once, and we’ll tell you again, muscle weighs more than fat, so chances are if you’re rocking a tight and toned physique, the scale will probably read a number that’s higher than what your stellar bod reflects anyway, so please forget about that “magic number.”

The best reason not to order your dress a size smaller though, is that making such a decision comes with an enormous amount of pressure. According to Naturopathic doctors Jade and Keoni Teta of Metabolic Effect, the hormone cortisol that’s released when you’re stressed can also act as an unfriendly fat-storing and muscle-burning hormone. No gracias! (Besides, it’s well worth the money to get your dress taken in rather than having to stuff yourself into it if things don’t go according to plan).

DO start eating healthier and working out three to nine months before your big day.

Why the big range? Depends on how much work you have to do, and also exercise and eating healthy, nourishing food will increase your energy, and we know you need it sister! If you’re already in pretty good shape, three months should do it. If not, getting a head start will save you stress and increase your satisfaction when you zip up that dress to walk down the aisle.
DON’T even think about attempting a crash diet as the big day gets closer.

The result? You will be bitchy, miserable, STARVING, exhausted, and feel even worse when the weight comes right back on your honeymoon the minute you start eating normal food again. And let’s not forget the negative impact it has on our friend, metabolism. It’s just not worth it.

DO consult a professional.

A very smart bride once said, “When you think about how much money you’re spending on your dress, photographer, decorations and etc., doesn’t it make sense to spend some money on yourself to make sure you look and feel your best?” Look for someone who takes an empowering approach rather than the hardcore “bridal bootcamp” mentality. Your engagement should be one of the most exciting times of your life, not one of the most brutal. We love Sarah Jenks of The Breathtaking Bride.

DON’T forget to get some “you” time and show your self some love.

Between dress fittings, registering, picking a venue, tastings, bridesmaids dress shopping, place cards, invitations and all of the little details that pile up before your wedding, it’s easy to forget the most important detail-YOU!

We recommend weekly, but if that’s impossible in your life, at least twice a month, take a hot bath, go for a peaceful walk, meditate, sit in a quiet spot and read for pleasure, enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, treat yourself to a manicure or a massage. Clear your head, take a break from all-that-is-wedding-related and relax. You deserve it!


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