Chances are, you've told your stylist a fib or two. (Think about it: Do you really get your hair cut every six weeks?!)

And while you might not think much of these little white lies—after all, it's your hair!—the consequences could be much worse than an awkward styling session, according to our friends at Refinery29.

For instance, let's say you try a DIY dye—then tell your colorist that your hair color is natural. Well, the worst-case scenario is pretty freakin' awful: Turns out that some box colors contain metals that can cause a reaction when combined with other chemicals. So when your colorist applies a lightening agent, your hair could actually melt(!).

Of course, not every lie will leave you with fewer strands—but that doesn't mean they're OK. If you leave the house with a wet head every morning but tell your stylist that you blow dry every day, you might end up with a high-maintenance haircut that never looks quite right (because you haven't put in the primping time necessary to perfectly style it each morning).

Still don't think your fibs are all that serious?

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