Ever wonder why you feel good after exercising? I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

After exercising for some time (varies from one person to another), your body releases “feel good” hormones commonly known as Endorphins; Endorphins are a hormone like substance produced in the brain to numb pain and elevate your mood, creating “happy” feelings known as “experiencing a runner’s high” which is a pleasurable state of well-being. Medically, Endorphins are responsible for many things inside the human body including boosting the immune system.

Whether you’ve had a rough day at work or just feeling a bit down, a tested technique for conquering anxiety and getting a burst of happiness is exercising.

EXERCISE is the answer.

Go for a quick run, a healthy cheap tip for happiness, or a 30 minute walk, play those insanity videos that have been saved on your laptop since forever.

What are you waiting for? Get off the couch; put on your favorite sweatpants, hit the gym and get going with some exercises (you can do some socialization on the side as well).

Mix it up between workouts in the sun, joining a class, going for a swim, taking up some tennis classes, cycling, or lifting some weights. You’ll get to catch a glimpse of some eye candy too. I also recommend some good music while you’re at it.

While exercising, make it a habit to mingle with others; interacting with people in a positive environment (say at the gym or the tennis court) has its benefits in mood boosting, and in case you weren’t able to go train somewhere and worked out at home, you’ll be tired to think of why you were feeling blue anyway.

After you’ve done it, primp up, have a good cup of coffee and spend some time with a friend, now you’re as good as new.

Personally, I feel a sense of accomplishment after hitting the gym; I love it when my muscles start aching and burning, feeling up my 6 packs (yes, I have those) makes me happy!

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