In Islam along with so many obligations to be followed there is another ritual to be followed and that is Hijab for girls. The meaning of hijab explained by so many encyclopedias is to cover off to create a curtain. Mostly girls think that this is a restriction for them and it is very difficult to follow. Therefore this article is for such girls who really take this obligation as a hurdle, and always hesitate to follow it.
Listen to the meaning of hijab as it says that women must be covered properly, so that they may not look an opposite attract the men. The logic behind this explained by the religion Islam is that, there is a natural attraction build in between men and women and therefore they are always attracted. It develops evil desires in the heart of men, to get closer to the women. This makes things even worse and even harassment is also performed by men. So to avoid such type of social evil, women need to be covered and Islam introduced hijab for girls. Hijab for girls protect young ladies from such accidents.











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