His top six turn offs

Just like women, every man is looking for something different in a partner. Some want a traditional relationship with a male bread winner, whilst others are more interested matching up their hobbies and interests. There’s no fail safe way to ensure you impress on a date and sometimes you’re just not going to be each other’s cup of tea. But whilst everyone has their personal tastes, there a few things most men agree on. We chat to some guys to find out their top six turn offs.

Nasty Gossiping
We all like the occasional story or titbit of information, but men don’t like it when women become too mean and catty. If your Facebook feed is a constant stream of putdowns against other people, don’t be surprised when your date doesn’t share your views. It’s easy to cross the line from funny to mean and most men don’t like it.

It turns out men don’t like lies anymore than we do, so make sure you’re as honest as possible with your new date. We’re not suggesting you share the entirety of your gynaecological history but be truthful about the important aspects of your life. He wants to get to know the real you, not a fantasy you’ve made up.

Most guys don’t like a princess and rudeness is very off putting on dates. When the waiter gets your order wrong they don’t want a girl that throws and tantrum and starts shouting. They want a woman who deals with the situation politely without fuss. Remember good manners cost nothing so you might as well flaunt yours.

Lack of independence
Some men may want a little wife to take care of, but it seems plenty more are turned off by women who lack independence. When a girl can’t state her opinion or live her own life without someone holding her hand, it’s not very sexy.

We’ve all had nights when the dinner’s been cold or they bring the wrong wine or it’s just too warm to get comfortable. But constant whinging throughout a date is one of the top turn offs for men. We’re not saying you shouldn’t send back badly prepared food, but be prepared for a bit of compromise throughout the evening or you’ll look like a whiner.

No sense of humour
This one is definitely dependent on personal taste, but it seems most men prefer a woman with a fun sense of humour. Don’t worry about trying to be Little Miss Perfect on a date. Just relax, be happy and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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