A theme park, cinema and water parks are common options when you’re going on holiday with children. It can be difficult to find something to keep them entertained all the time and find the right food (at a reasonable cost). That doesn’t mean vacationing with children has to be difficult. Here are some tips for things to do and how to plan ahead.

Think About Where You’re Going

You want to find places that are family friendly. It can be difficult if you are making a trip to visit relatives but if you’re planning a regular holiday, really think about your destination.

Choose somewhere that is full of things for the children to do but still has some activities that you’d like to do. There are some great adventure holidays that involve rope courses suitable for the whole family.



Ask Your Children To Help Plan

When you’re planning the activities, ask your children to help with the planning. This ensures that they get to do something that they really want to.

There’s nothing wrong with having educational visits along the way but you don’t want them to be bored before they even go!

Alternate The Attractions

Don’t put all their stuff at the start of the holiday – they’ll be bored for the end of it. Also, don’t make them wait all the way to the end.

The best thing you can do is alternate the attractions and activities so they have something every day or every other day to enjoy. You never know; you may enjoy their activities!



Plan Their Needs Ahead

Make sure you have everything that your children could possibly need. This is especially for the younger ones who cannot do it themselves.

If you have an infant, pack enough diapers and food to last the journey—depending on where you go, you could buy other items you need while there.

With older children, make a list of all the things they need and ask them to pack it all – they can cross the items of the list when they pack them.

Pack In Advance

It doesn’t matter if you have a month until you travel. Pack everything as soon as possible.

This allows you to check through to make sure you have everything and buy it if you don’t. It also avoids missing something crucial. The last thing you want is to find you’ve left your passports at home!



Dress Comfortable For Travelling

You want your children to be as comfortable as possible when driving. Don’t put them in jeans and other constricting clothes; allow them to travel in jogging bottoms and loose t-shirts.

This isn’t a fashion parade! If you’re travelling through the night and doing the drive yourself, let them travel in PJs!


Have Things To Do While Travelling

Make sure you have enough things for your children to do while they are travelling.

This is often the worst part of the holiday because they just want to get there! If they get travel sick, have boiled sweets or talk to the doctor about medication to help.

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