Beautiful white teeth smile adorns a woman, giving her attractive features in the eyes of the interlocutor. This is the conclusion reached by scientists recently, and we can not disagree with them. How to make a Hollywood smile? Dentists offer three effective method. But before you decide to bring them to life, weigh the pros and cons!
Modern dentistry has huge potential. Create a Hollywood smile can now virtually all the original data. But planning for beauty treatments, it is important to understand the intricacies of its implementation, since failure to comply with the balance between beauty and health fraught. Never mind the dentist, or the possible consequences of ill-considered aesthetic.

Teeth like pearls: whitening

Yellowish plaque on the teeth, which often is a natural companion of female smokers and the ladies who like black tea and coffee - now a rarity. Many see it as merely an aesthetic problem, although it is necessary to remove plaque, primarily for health. The thing is that dental plaque - a fertile ground for bacteria. Vital functions of organisms harmful leads to periodontitis, tooth decay and tooth decay.

How is the procedure? The clinic dentists achieve white teeth with a special sosudostruynogo apparatus, ultrasound or krupnoabrazivnyh pastes. Support effect can be obtained in dentistry home. To do this, buy a whitening toothpaste for home use.

What should I know? Whitening possible after all carious treatment processes in the mouth and their complications. In this case your teeth are really white and healthy. Keep in mind that home whitening toothpaste is not suitable for daily care, the maximum possible for them - is to use twice a week. Since the whitening effect is achieved due to highly abrasive preparations which, if excessive zeal with touch can remove tooth enamel.

Impeccable form: Veneers

Expensive, but effective way to get perfect teeth - set veneers. What is it? Veneer - a thin one-piece ceramic plate that covers the front or back of the tooth. Thus conceal an infringement of the tooth structure, chips, cracks and light anomalies dentition.

How is the procedure? To install the veneer dentist grind thin layer of enamel of the desired tooth, and then will paste plate itself.

What should I know? Grinding teeth should conduct an experienced specialist, optimal hole in tooth enamel is 0.5 mm. More - not recommended! If the procedure is carried out correctly, you'll get a beautiful smile without health consequences. Opinion on the fact that under the veneers teeth deteriorate wrong and untrue.

Eyes made: braces

More recently, braces have been the lot of young children and young adolescents. Wear braces considered something shameful, their shy and ashamed. Now you can see them in my mouth, even an adult. Change the shape of the teeth today really almost any age. Options braces dazzling refined performance and stylish design. The dentist can offer you braces with silver sequins, golden butterflies or colored stones. Every whim on request.

How is the procedure? Bracket system - a removable structure designed to align the dentition. After installing the dentist in a dental cavity, it produces a constant metered pressure on periodontal and bone tissue. After a certain amount of time the tooth moves into the desired position. Safe offset for a particular tooth can not be more than 4 millimeters, or likely to cause problems.

What should I know? The sooner will be installed braces, the higher the probability of getting the expected result. Keep in mind that straight teeth should not become an end in itself, it is important not so much a Hollywood smile, as the normal functioning of the oral cavity. Following the correction of your teeth should link up well, otherwise they can not long be kept in position. Over time, these teeth will tend to return to the initial position, the secondary deformation may occur, which in turn, may even lead to tooth loss. Installing the bracket system - is a demanding job that does not end with the withdrawal of the instrument from the mouth. Without control "quality of work" dentist over a long period of time, all the efforts of the patient will go to waste.