Mirrors have many benefits. As decoration they can give new sensations and new tones to the entire area of your home and significantly alter the look of the space. Their role is similar to windows. Mirrors accentuate artworks or adjacent surfaces views and colors creating extra effects and completing a stunning space. Utilizing decorative mirrors you can maintain high style at reasonable prices.

Trendy Tips

Below there are several tips as well as some taboos when decorating with mirrors to tune your home mood with trends of 2014.

  1.  Large well-placed mirrors maximize small rooms and give illusion of spacious area. However, be careful when choosing where to place a decorative mirror to avoid undesired reflections of some cutters or bad spots of your room. Do not put small sized mirrors in big rooms as they will be lost there.
  2. Rethink traditional functions of the mirrors. In 2014 use them as a pivotal concept for decoration. They can serve for greeting, lifting-up, lighting-up etc. For example, place mirrors in entryway to greet guests. Or bring multiple mirrors into a bedroom to design vibrant 3D perception of objects or forms creating a theatrical effect. Light up your kitchen putting mirrored backsplashes.
  3. Mirrored furniture can provide you with new design options.Home Interiors Design With Mirrors on the Wall

Actual ideas of 2014

Revise your home looking through mirrors. Let them reflect trends and twists of 2014:

  • saturated tints of walls that accord with rich fabrics of luxurious velvet, earthy suede, and textured corduroy of darker natural color palette
  • let every wall tell its own story on wall murals which will be even more popular in 2014. Yet stay with uncluttered, practical, multifunctional and renewable designs.
  • earth-friendly, eco-furniture that is main stream in 2014 together with such new fabrics as hemp and sorghum
  • sculpture or fine collections of artworks, pillars, balustrades, etc.
  • rare accessories featured by pithiness and personal significance
  • light-toned wood (caramel and honey)
  • a kaleidoscope of colors of your floral arrangements – from bright colorful and playful confetti like to natural, elegant and earthy refreshing your sensations
  •  multi-tiered chandeliers and other embellished fixtures with LED lights instead of traditional artificial illumination.

Feel free to interpret broadly and exploit different styles to find your own. “Express yourself ” is a motto of 2014 for home decoration. Experiment with unique ways to recreate your private cosmos. Focus on quality, not quantity choosing artworks, rugs and furniture. Chain your interior with outside landscape views to evoke a feeling of openness and flow from the inside out.


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