In Japan, there is a house with a pretty original layout. Inside the floor near the windows sharply curved upwards. Such an unusual design of buildings is obliged to hilly terrain on which it is built

Оптимизация жилого пространства: Дом с поднятым полом

Architects firm Takeshi Hosaka Architects have designed the house, which is located in Yokohama (Japan). It is a monumental structure of concrete and glass. The house consists of two ground and one basement. However, from the street, looking up at the windows, you might think that is the top three floors. Inside the building the floor near the windows raised up.

Due to the folded floor, first floor remains hidden from the looks of strangers. On the back of the house overlooking the green hills. This helps to avoid the oppressive feeling of those who are inside the house. To compensate for the "coldness" of concrete walls, floors and furniture were made of natural wood.

The house is only 60 square meters. To save the most space, the house was set spiral staircase.

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