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The iTunes library is the core of any PC for interfacing with Apple devices. This is where all the data transfer happens for stock Apple devices (those that haven’t been jailbroken or modified) and is easily accessible for those with computers.


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    Head to the iTunes download page. Go tohttps://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ and click on "Download Now."

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    Install the latest iTunes. Click on the downloaded installer to start installing iTunes.

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    Launch iTunes. Once finished, an iTunes icon should appear in your desktop. Double-click it to launch the app.

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    View your library and add new content. Your library will be empty after installing iTunes. To add more songs, videos, or movies, simply drag and drop them from your computer’s file explorer into your iTunes library screen.

    • Whenever you open iTunes again, all the content you previously added will be there for you to transfer to other Apple devices.

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