Aspartame is an artificially made sweetener which may have unwanted health associations, especially for people allergic to phenylalanine. Even if you are not allergic to phenylalanine, then it may still be a good idea to avoid aspartame, so this guide will teach you how to cut back.


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    Read the food labels.

    1. First of all, ignore the Nutrition Facts: aspartame is not shown on the nutrition facts.
    2. Try to find the word "Contains Phenylalanine" on the label. If it says that, then aspartame is hiding in the ingredients.
    3. Take a close look at the ingredients label. Read every ingredient; if you see Aspartame, then you found a food you should avoid.
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    Avoid sodas at all costs. While both types of soda are bad, diet soda almost always contains aspartame, so be sure to check the label for Aspartame or Contains Phenylalanine.

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    Cut back on other aspartame-laden foods. This includes, but is not limited to: diet sodas, sugar-free gum, iced tea, yogurt, cereal and medicine.

    1. As said before, avoid sodas, instead flavor water with lemon and buy natural coconut water.
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    2. Consider stop chewing gum completely.
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    3. Brew your own tea beverages. Do not add sweeteners: it may not taste the best but at least it's healthier. Do not buy bottled or canned tea, they often contain aspartame and other sweeteners.
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    Buy 100% organic foods. This will make sure they are free from aspartame, GMOs, additives and pesticides.

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    Do some research on the internet. This will help you decide if you should buy the food and eat it or just not buy it because it contains aspartame.

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