How to be happier & more beautiful immediately

Dr. Murad’s #1 tip for happiness – and it’s easy, affordable and will make you more beautiful too!

On Tuesday, I spent the day with Dr. Howard Murad (yes, the celebrity dermatologist behind Murad skincare).

Sure, I learned more about his fabulous skincare line, the science behind aging and have since started taking a ZILLION vitamins (actual number), but there is more to come on all of this later…

What I learned most, though, was that happiness is the key to beauty and, moreover, a sure-fire, doctor-approved way to to be happy.

And it’s easy.

It’s all about getting back to the time you were happiest and embodying that version of you.

According to Dr. Murad, the time we were all happiest was around the age of 2 because you were unencumbered by judgements and fully creative.

When you felt like dancing? You danced!

No music? No worries! You could sign your heart out without fear of being judged for your less than stellar vocal chords.

Tired? Nap it up!

Want to make art? Do it!

There were no rules. No judgements. Just fun.

So, how does the doctor to the stars suggest you be happier – NOW?

Tap into your inner child! Get out a canvas and paint like a kid. There are no rules. Want to splatter paint? Go for it! Want to finger paint? Have at it! Want to add glitter? Why the hell not.

Here’s he painting I made with Dr. Murad – and had a blast doing!

I HIGHLY recommend you do it too!


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