Of course, humidity hair will always win. Also I am sure you even have to have a hair plan for summer's worst days suggests that the weather already has a leg up. Whatever. There're ways to approach this conundrum from a positive angle.

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Whether your hair is curly, straight, thick or thin, humidity can take it is toll and leave your hair looking weighed down, extra frizzy or greasy to touch. Here is how to win the battle against high temps and icky weather.

1) Have fun! Now is the time to play with headbands, clips, and hair accessories of all sorts. Tame your hair (or at least hold down some of the poofiness) with a turban or headband. Draw attention away from frizz with a fun print. Misdirection!

2) Aim high. Buns, topknots, milkmaid braids. Reach for the sky. Not only are these hairstyles cute, but they have the added benefit of keeping your hair the hell off of your neck during the day. Tip: Style your hair when it's wet. Especially if you're going the braid route, you'll be left with lovely waves when you're done.

3) Use goo. There are so many products available now that try to fight the frizz and freaks how that is a bout of summer humidity. INVEST. Yes, it might be a little pricey to take home a product that truly helps your hair through the hot times. But I ask you, isn't it worth it?

The most most important thing that you really need to know if you are going to protect your hair from the effects of humidity is that the drier your locks are, the worse the harder they will be hit with frizzing and flopping. Dehydrated hair is porous and absorbs moisture quickly, so if you’re dealing with a humid climate, you’ll want to make sure you deep condition to restore and nourish damage tresses.

And if you find yourself with a case of the mid-day frizzies, we also have a solution for that. Your secret tool? Clear mascara (try Great Lash Clear ($6) by Maybelline). This was a trick we picked up from celeb hairstylist Rob Talty: Instead of weighing your hair down with heavy oils, tame flyaways and frizzies around your root area with a clear mascara wand instead. Just brush, smooth, and go—so simple, we’realmost mad we didn’t think of it ourselves.

Only wash hair every other day to avoid drying out hair. Natural oils in the hair actually help keep a handle on frizz.

Avoid heat styling whenever possible and work with your natural hair texture. If you have curly hair, encouraging that natural shape will actually work to discourage fly-away frizz in the long term.

Apply a moisturizing hair mask to hair every other week using ingredients like avocado, egg, and olive oil to help hair recover from styling.

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